Stephan Parmentier - Publications#

Books and special journal issues:

International Series on Transitional Justice, under the direction of general editors S. PARMENTIER, J. SARKIN & M. RAUSCHENBACH, published by Intersentia Publishers (Cambridge/Antwerp): 26 volumes published (2007-2021).

LEMMENS, Koen, PARMENTIER, Stephan & REYNTJENS, Louise (2019) (eds.), Human Rights with a Human Touch. Liber Amicorum Paul Lemmens. Cambridge/Antwerp/Portland: Intersentia Publishers, 818 p.

PARMENTIER, Stephan (2019) Transitional Justice: Reframing international law in times of violent conflict, Pre-advice presented to the Royal Netherlands Society of International Law, in ‘Living up to International Criminal Law: State of Affairs, Prospects and Mandates’, 69-105. The Hague: Asser.

AKSENOVA, Marina, VAN SLIEDREGT, Elies & PARMENTIER, Stephan (2019) (eds.), Breaking the Cycle of Mass Atrocities. Criminological and Socio-Legal Approaches in International Criminal Law. Oxford: Hart Publishing, 266 p.

SARKIN, Jeremy, ZINSSTAG, Estelle & PARMENTIER, Stephan (2017) Special Issue on Transitional Justice of 11(1) Human Rights and International Legal Discourse 1-119.

INGELAERE, Bert, PARMENTIER, Stephan, HAERS, Jacques and SEGAERT, Barbara (eds.) (2013), Genocide, Risk and Resilience: An interdisciplinary approach. Palgrave: Basingstoke, 238.

Journal articles and book chapters:

PARMENTIER, Stephan & UMANA, Camilo (2020) The Sociology of Transitional Justice: Global and Comparative Perspectives, in PRIBAN, Jiri (ed.), Research Handbook on the Sociology of Law, 370-384. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. (

RAUSCHENBACH, Mina, PARMENTIER, Stephan & VAN CRAEN, Maarten (2020) Towards Social Restoration in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Exploring the Place of Symbolic Forms of Transitional Justice, in FUNK, Julianne, GOOD, Nancy & BERRY, Marie (eds.), Healing and Peacebuilding After War. Transforming Trauma in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 167-188. Milton Park, Abingdon: Routledge, Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution. (

SAEED, Huma & PARMENTIER, Stephan (2017) When Rabbits are in Charge of Carrots: Land Grabbing, Transitional Justice and Economic-State Crime in Afghanistan, 6(1) State Crime 13-36.

PARMENTIER, Stephan (2016) Transitional Justice, in SCHABAS, William (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to International Criminal Law, 52-72. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

RAUSCHENBACH, Mina, SCAGLIOLA, Stef, PARMENTIER, Stephan & DE JONG, Franceska (2016) The Perfect Data-Marriage: Transitional Justice Research and Oral History Life Stories, 1(4) Transitional Justice Review 7-58.

DERLUYN, Ilse, VANDENHOLE, Wouter, PARMENTIER, Stephan & MELS, Cindy (2015) Victims and/or perpetrators? Towards an interdisciplinary dialogue on child soldiers, BMC International Health and Human Rights 15:28.

LETSCHERT, Rianne and PARMENTIER, Stephan (2014) Repairing the Impossible: Victimological approaches to international crimes, in VANFRAECHEM, Inge, PEMBERTON, Anthony and NDAHINDA, Felix Mukwiza (2014) (eds.), Justice for Victims. Perspectives on rights, transition and reconciliation, 226-243. Milton Park, Abingdon: Routledge.

PARMENTIER, Stephan, RAUSCHENBACH, Mina & WEITEKAMP, Elmar (2014) Repairing the harm of victims after violent conflict: Empirical findings from Serbia, Special Issue Celebrating the 20th Anniversary, Joanna SHAPLAND and Jennifer SLOAN (eds.), 20(1) International Review of Victimology 85-99.

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