Ivan Parkin - Selected Publications#

[1] “Band Alignment of Rutile and Anatase TiO2”, D. O. Scanlon, C. W. Dunnill…I. P. Parkin et.al. Nature Materials, 2013, 12, 798-801

[2] “Robust Self-Cleaning Surfaces that Function when Exposed to Either Air or Oil”, Y. Lu, S. Sathasivam, J. Song, C. R. Crick, C. J. Carmalt and I. P. Parkin, Science, 2015, 347, 1132-5.

[3] Photo-Induced Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Universal Ultra-Trace Detection of Explosives, Pollutants and Biomolecules”, S. Ben-Jaber, R. Quesada-Cabrera….and I. P. Parkin, Nature Communication 2016, 7, 12189.

[4] “Light Activated Antimicriobial Surfaces with Enhanced Efficacy Induced by a Dark- Activated Mechanism”, S. Noimark, E. Allen and I. P. Parkin, Chemical Science, 2014, 5, 2216-23.

[5] "Intelligent Multifunctional VO2/SiO2/TiO2 Coatings for Self Cleaning, Energy Saving Window Panels", M.J.Powell, R. Quesada, S, Sanjayan, A. Taylor and I. P. Parkin, Chemistry of materials 2016, 28, 1369-76.

[6] "Ultrasensitive Plano-concave Microresonators for Ultrasound Sensing", J. A. Guggenhein... I. P. Parkin et.al. Nature Photonics, 2017, 11, 714-12

[7] Superhydrophobic Polymer-Coated Copper-Mesh; Membranes for Highly Efficient Oil-Water Separation, C. R. Crick, J, A. Gibbins and I. P. Parkin, J. Mater. Chem. A., 2013, 1, 5943-48

[8] Bismuth Oxyhalides: Syntheis, Structure and Photoelectrochemical activity, D. S. Bhachu,...I. P. Parkin, Chemical Science, 2016, 7, 4832-41.

[9] Dual Mechanism Antimicrobial Polymer- ZnO nanoparticle and Crystal Violet- Encapsulated Silicone, S. Noimark.. I. P. Parkin, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015, 25, 1367-73.

[10] Chemical Vapour Deposition of Photocatalyically Active Brookite TiO2 Thin Films, A. M. Alotaibi.., I. P. Parkin Chemistry of Materials 2018, 30, 1353-61.

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