Jussi Parikka - Publications#

(Co-)authored and (co-)edited books:

Wershler, D.; Emerson, L. & Parikka, J. (2021) The Lab Book: Situated Practices in Media Studies. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Dvorak, T., & Parikka, J. (Eds.). (2021). Photography Off the Scale: Technologies and theories of the mass image. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Parikka, J. (2016) Digital contagions: A media archaeology of computer viruses. New York: Peter Lang. Rev. 2nd edition. Orig. 2007.

Parikka, J. (2016) A Slow, Contemporary Violence: Damaged Environments of Technological Culture. Berlin: Sternberg Press. Tr. into French and Spanish.

Bishop, R.; Gansing, K.; Parikka, J. & Wilk, E. (eds.) (2016) Across and Beyond. Post-Digital: Practices, Concepts and Institutions. Berlin: Sternberg Press.

Parikka, J., & Krysa, J. (Eds.). (2015) Writing and unwriting media art history: Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press

Parikka, J. (2015) A Geology of Media. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Tr. into Czech and Spanish.

Parikka, J. (2014) The Anthrobscene: An Alternative Deep Time. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Ideas First: Forerunners short booklet series. Tr. into Spanish and Portuguese.

Parikka, J. (2012) What is media archaeology? Cambridge: Polity. Tr. or in translation into 7 languages.

Huhtamo, E., & Parikka, J. (Eds). (2011). Media Archaeology: Approaches, applications, and implications. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Tr. into Chinese.

Parikka, J. (2010) Insect Media: An archaeology of animals and technology. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Tr. into Polish.

Parikka, J. & Sampson, T. (eds.) (2009) The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn, and Other Anomalies from the Dark Side of Digital Culture. Cresskill: Hampton Press.

Parikka, J. (2004) Koneoppi: Ihmisen, teknologian ja median kytkennät. Kulttuurituotannon ja maisemantutkimuksen laitoksen julkaisuja, Pori: University of Turku.

Peer-reviewed journal articles (selection)

Parikka, J. & Gil-Fournier, A. (2021) “An Ecoaesthetic of Vegetal Surfaces: On Seed, Image, Ground as Soft Montage” Journal of Visual Art Practice, 2021, DOI: 10.1080/14702029.2021.1917858

Sampson, T. & Parikka, J. (2021) “The Operational Loops of a Pandemic” Cultural Politics 17 (1): 55–68.

Evans, C. & Parikka, J. (2020) “Touch, Click, and Motion: Archaeologies of Fashion Film After Digital Culture” Journal of Visual Culture, vol. 19 (3), December 2020, 323-339.

Gil-Fournier, A. & Parikka, J. (2020) "Ground truth to fake geographies: machine vision and learning in visual practices." AI & Soc https://doi.org/10.1007/s00146-020-01062-3

Parikka, J. (2020) “A Recursive Web of Models: Studio Tomás Saraceno’s Working Objects as Environmental Humanities” Configurations. A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology, 28.3, 309-332.

Parikka, J. (2018) "Middle-East and Other Futurisms: Imaginary Temporalities in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture.” Culture, Theory and Critique vol. 59: 1, 2018, 40-58.

Parikka, J. (2017) “The Sensed Smog: Smart Ubiquitous Cities and the Sensorial Body” Fibreculture-journal, http://twentynine.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-219-the-sensed-smog-smart-ubiquitous-cities-and-the-sensorial-body/.

Parikka, J. (2016) “Deep Times of Planetary Trouble” Cultural Politics, November 2016 issue, 279-292.

Apperley, T. & Parikka, J. (2015/2018) “Platform Studies’ Epistemic Threshold”. Games and Culture Online first published December 2015, Games & Culture vol. 13, 4: pp. 349-369.

Parikka, J. (2015) “Earth Forces: Contemporary Media Land Arts and New Materialist Aesthetics” Cultural Studies Review 21(2), 47–75.

Parikka, J. (2014) “Cultural Techniques of Cognitive Capitalism: Metaprogramming and Labor of Code”. Cultural Studies Review 20 (1), March 2014, 29-51.

Peer-reviewed book chapters (selection)

Parikka, J. (2021) “From Planetary Depth to Surface Measure: Or, How to Read the Future From an Image?” in Deep Mediations, eds. Karen Redrobe and Jeff Scheible. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 286-303.

Parikka, J. (2021) “On Seeing When There’s Nothing to See: Practices of Light Beyond Photography” in Photography Off the Scale, edited by T, Dvorak and J. Parikka. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021, 185-210.

Gil-Fournier, A. & Parikka, J. (2020) “’Visual Hallucination of Probable Events’: On Environments of Images, Data, and Machine Learning” In: Big Data: A New Medium?, ed. Natasha Lushetisch. Routledge.

Parikka, J. (2020) “Folds of Fashion: Unravelled and the Planetary Surface” in Apparition: The (Im)materiality of the Modern Surface”, edited by Yeseung Lee. London: Bloomsbury, 19-35.

Parikka, J. (2019) "Inventing pasts and futures: Speculative design and media archaeology." In B. Roberts & M. Goodall (Eds.), New media archaeologies (pp. 205-232). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Parikka, J. (2019) “The Lab is the Place is the Space” in Emerging Affinities. Possible Futures of Performative Arts, eds. Mateusz Borowski, Mateusz Chaberski and Malgorzata Sugiera. Transcript Verlag.

Parikka, J. (2018) "Digging." In C. Lury et al. (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Research Methods (164-168). London: Routledge.

Parikka, J. (2018) "Planetary memories: After the extinction, the imagined future." In R. Grusin (Ed.), After extinction. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Parikka, J. (2017) "The underpinning time: From digital memory to network microtemporality." In A. Hoskins (Ed.), Digital memory studies: Media pasts in Transition (pp. 156-72). London: Routledge.

Parikka, J. (2016) “The Signal Haunted Cold War: The Persistence of the SIGINT Ontology” in Cold War Legacies: Systems, Theory, Aesthetics, eds. John Beck and Ryan Bishop. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press, 2016, 167-187.

Parikka, J, (2016) “So-Called Nature: Friedrich Kittler and Ecological Media Materialism” in Sustainable Media, eds. Nicole Starosielski and Janet Walker. New York: Routledge, pp. 196-211.

Parikka, J. (2015) “Viral Ecologies: A Brief Media Archaeology of Software and Artificial Life” in New Media, Old Media. 2nd revised edition. Eds. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Thomas Keenan and Anna Watkins Fisher. New York: Routledge, 275-286.

Parikka, J. (2015) “Postscript: Of Disappearances and the Ontology of Media Studies” in Media After Kittler, eds. Eleni Ikoniadou and Scott Wilson, London: Rowman & Littlefield International.

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