Maria Paradiso - Major publications#


Geography and Planning of the Information Society. Milano: Angeli. 2003 (in Italian).

Territorial Marketing. Problematics of competitiveness and cohesion in territorialization processes. Napoli, ESI. 1999 (in Italian).

For a Geography of Sannio. Napoli: ESI. 2000 (in Italian).

Edited book

Geography of global communication (with G. Corna Pellegrini). Milano: CUEM-University of Milan Press (in Italian).

Editing of Journal issues

Technology, knowledge and places. Journal of Urban Technology 2006 (vol. 2, pp. 1-180) (with M. Wilson).

Geocyberspaces dynamics in an interconnected world. NET COM-Network and Communication Studies 2003 (vol. 17, n. 3-4).


"Is Italy on line? Geographical Analysis ofthe Italian Information Society and assessment of Policies", Bollettino della Societa Geograjica Italiana 2008: 305-343 (in Italian).

"Information Geography: A Bridge between Engineering and the Social Sciences", Journal of Urban Technology 3, 2006: 77-92.

Book chapters

"Google and the Internet: A mega project nesting within another mega-project", in S. Brunn (ed.), Engineering Earth: The Impacts of Mega-Engineering Project. Drdrecht: Kluwer (forthcoming).


"Networks’ and ‘cohesion’ as planning values: notes on the Pla Territorial General de Catalunya and the ‘Pla Estrategic Barcelona 2000 " (in collaboration with T.Amodio), Proceedings: 37 European Congress ERSA-European Regional Science Association, Roma, 26-29 August 1997, cd rom.
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