Carita Paradis - Selected Publications#

2018 Sensory and emotive simulation through comparative construal. J. Hartman & C. Paradis. Metaphor & Symbol, 33.2, 1-21-

2018 Verbs in speech framing expressions: Comparing English and Spanish. R. Caballero & C. Paradis. Journal of Linguistics, 54.1, 45-84.

2017 Annotating speaker stance in discourse: The Brexit Blog Corpus. V. Simaki, M. Skeppstedt, C. Paradis, A. Kerren & M. Sahlgre.Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory.

2017 Denial outperforms apology in repairing organizational trust despite strong evidence. M. Fuoli, J. van de Weijer & C. Paradis. Public Relations Review 43, 645 - 660.

2015 Semantic profiles of antonymic adjectives in discourse. C. Paradis, S. Löhndorf, J. van de Weijer & C. Willners. Linguistics 53.1, 153 – 191.

2015 Conceptual spaces at work in sensuous cognition: Domains, dimensions and distances. C. Paradis. In F. Zenker & P. Gärdenfors (Eds.) Applications of Conceptual spaces: Geometric knowledge representation. Dordrecht: Springer Verlag (33–55) ISBN 978-3-319-15020-8, ISBN 978-3-319-15021-5 (eBook), DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-15021-5.

2015 Meanings of words: Theory and application. C. Paradis. In U. Hass & P. Storjohann (Eds.) Handbuch Wort und Wortschatz (Handbücher Sprachwissen-HSW Band 3) Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin (274–294) DOI(Chapter): 10.1515/9783110296013-012.

2015 Making sense of sensory perceptions across languages and cultures. R. Caballero & C. Paradis. Functions of Language 22.1, 1–19.

2014 A model of trust-repair discourse. M. Fuoli & C. Paradis. Journal of Pragmatics 74, 52–69.

2014 Antonym canonicity: temporal and contextual manipulations. J. van de Weijer, C. Paradis, C.Willners & Magnus Lindgren. Brain & Language, 128.1, 1–8.

2013 The construal of spatial meaning: windows into conceptual space. C. Paradis, J. Hudson & U. Magnusson (Eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISSN: 978-0-19-964163-5.

2013 Describing sensory experience: The genre of wine reviews. C. Paradis & Mats Eeg- Olofsson. Metaphor & Symbol, 28.1.1–19.

2012 Antonyms in English: construals, constructions and canonicity. S. Jones, M. L. Murphy, C. Paradis & C. Willners. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521761796

2012 As lexical as it gets. The role of co-occurrence of antonyms in a visual lexical decision experiment. J. van de Weijer, C. Paradis, C. Willners & M. Lindgren. In D. Divjak & S. Th Gries (Eds.), Frequency effects in language representation. de Gruyter Mouton (vol 2, 255–280).

2011 Where does metonymy stop? Senses, facets and active zones. C. Paradis. Metaphor and symbol, 19.4. 245–264. Reprinted in P. Hanks & R. Giora (Eds.), Metaphor and figurative language: Critical concepts in linguistics, Amsterdam: Routledge (137–156).

2009 Good and bad opposites: using textual and psycholinguistic techniques to measure antonym canonicity. C. Paradis, C. Willners & S. Jones. The Mental Lexicon, 4.3. 380–429.

2008 Configurations, construals and change: expressions of DEGREE. C. Paradis. English Language and Linguistics, 12.2. 317–343.

2006 Antonymy and negation: the boundedness hypothesis. C. Paradis & C. Willners. Journal of Pragmatics, 38.7.1051–1080.

2005 Ontologies and construals in lexical semantics. C. Paradis. Axiomathes 15. 541–573.

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