Bernhard Palme#

Michael Huth
Membership Number:3999
Membership type:ORDINARY
Main Country of Residence:AUSTRIA

Present and Previous Positions

  • 2009, 08: Director of the Papyrus Department and the Papyrus Museum of the Austrian National Library
  • 2004, 04: Full professor of Ancient History and Papyrology, University of Vienna
  • 2003, 11: Offered full professorship of Papyrology, University of Heidelberg (declined)
  • 1998, 04: Principal investigator of the START-Project, Austrian Academy of Science
  • 1994, 04: Senior research assistant of the APART-Programme, Austrian Academy of Science
  • 1983, 10: Research Assistant at the Department for Legal History, Austrian Academy of Science

Fields of Scholarship
  • Papyrology: edition of Greek papyri and historical analysis of papyrus texts
  • History of Late Antiquity, with focus on social elites and administrative history
  • Social, economic and administrative of Egypt 300 BC–700 AD
  • History of mentalities in antiquity
  • Ancient legal history
  • Roman military history

Honours and Awards
  • 2012 Full Member of the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW)
  • 2009 Member of the Council for Archaeological Research (Austrian Ministery for Science and Research)
  • 2008 Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW)
  • 2007 Member of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI)
  • 1998 Award of the Kardinal Innitzer-Prize
  • 1997 Award of the START-Prize of the Austrian Federal ministery of Science and Research

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