Judit Padisák - Selected Publications#

Papers contributing most to international recognition:

Padisák J (1992): Seasonal succession of phytoplankton in a large shallow lake (Balaton, Hungary) - a dynamic approach to ecological memory, its possible role and mechanisms. - JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY 80: 217-230. Number of citations: 115 (Scholar Google), 85 (Scopus)

Padisák J (1993) The influence of different disturbance frequencies on the species richness, diversity and equitablity of phytoplankton in shallow lakes. HYDROBIOLOGIA 249: 135-156. Number of citations: 123 (Scholar Google), 78 (Scopus)

Padisák J (1997) Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Woloszynska) Seenayya et Subba Raju, an expanding, highly adaptive cyanobacterium: worldwide distribution and review of its ecology. ARCHIV FÜR HYDROBIOLOGIE/Suppl. 107 (Monographic Studies): 563-593. Number of citations: 428 (Scholar Google), 107 (Scopus)

Padisák J; Reynolds CS (1998) Selection of phytoplankton associations in Lake Balaton, Hungary, in response to eutrophicatioon and restoration measures, with special reference to cyanoprokaryotes. HYDROBIOLOGIA 384: 41-53. Number of citations: 199 (Scholar Google), 131 (Scopus)

Padisák J; Borics G; Grigorszky I; Soróczki-Pintér É (2006) Use of phytoplankton assemblages for monitoring ecological status of lakes within the Water Framework Directive: the assemblage index. HYDROBIOLOGIA 553: 1-14. Number of citations: 169 (Scholar Google), 119 (Scopus)

Last 7 years:

Padisák, J; Crossetti LO; Naselli.Flores L (2009) Use and misuse in the application of the phytoplankton functional classification: a critical review with updates. HYDROBIOLOGIA 621: 1-19. Number of citations: 320 (Scholar Google), 202 (Scopus)

Bonilla S; Aubriot L; Soares MCS; González-Piana M; Fabre A; Huszar VLM; Lürling M; Antoniades D; Padisák J; Kruk C (2012): What drives the distribution of the bloom forming cyanobacteria Planktothrix agardhii and Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii? HARMFUL ALGAE 79: 594–607. Number of citations: 80 (Scholar Google), 48 (Scopus)

Xiao L-J; Wang T; Hu R; Han B-P; Wang S; Qian X; Padisák J (2011): Succession of phytoplankton functional groups regulated by monsoonal hydrology in a large canyon-shaped reservoir. WATER RESEARCH 45/5: 5099 -5109. Number of citations: 45 (Scholar Google), 30 (Scopus)

Salmaso N; Naselli-Flores L; Padisák J (2015) Functional classifications and their application in phytoplankton ecology. FRESHWATER BIOLOGY: 60 603-619, Number of citations: 18 (Scholar Google), 6 (Scopus)

Padisák J; Vasas G; Borics G (2016) Phycogeography of freshwater phytoplankton – traditional knowledge and new molecular tools. HYDROBIOLOGIA 764: 3-27. Number of citations: 6 (Scholar Google), 5 (WoS)
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