Ekmel Ozbay - Selected publications#

1) (INVITED) Ekmel Ozbay, “Plasmonics: Merging Photonics and Electronics at Nanoscale Dimensions,” Review Article, Science, vol. 311, 189 (2006). (1211citations)

2) Ertugrul Cubukcu, Koray Aydin, Ekmel Ozbay, S. Foteinopolou, and Costas Soukoulis, “Negative Refraction by Photonic Crystals,” Nature, vol. 423, 604 (2003). (446 citations)

3) Ertugrul Cubukcu, Koray Aydin, Ekmel Ozbay, S. Foteinopolou, and Costas Soukoulis, " Subwavelength resolution in a two-dimensional photonic crystal based superlens", Physical Review Letters, vol. 91, p. 2140 (2003). (305 citations)

4) M. Bayindir, B. Temelkuran, and E. Ozbay, "Tight-Binding Description of the Coupled Defect Modes in Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals", Physical Review Letters, vol. 84, p. 2140 (2000). (299 citations)

5) E. Özbay, A. Abeyta, G. Tuttle, M. Tringides, R. Biswas, C.T. Chan, C. Soukoulis, and K.M. Ho, ”Measurement of Three-Dimensional Photonic Band-Gap in New Crystal Made of Dielectric Rods,” Physical Review B50, p.1945 (1994). (235 citations)

6) E. Özbay, E. Michel, G. Tuttle, R. Biswas, M. Sigalas, and K.M. Ho, “Micromachined millimeter-wave photonic bandgap crystals,” Applied Physics Letters, volume 64, p. 2059 (1994). (213 citations)

7) Mehmet Mutlu, and Ekmel Ozbay, “Diode-like asymmetric transmission of linearly polarized waves using magnetoelectric coupling controlled by electromagnetic wave tunneling,” Physical Review Letters 108, xxxx (2012).

8) Koray Aydin, Irfan Bulu and Ekmel Ozbay “Subwavelength resolution with a negative-index metamaterial superlens,” Applied Physics Letters, volume 90, 254102 (2007). (78 citations)

9) Zhaofeng Li, Koray Aydin and Ekmel Ozbay, “Determination of the effective constitutive parameters of bianisotropic metamaterials from reflection and transmission coefficients,” Physical Review E vol. 79, 026610 (2009). (44 citations)

10) Koray Aydin, A. Ozgur Cakmak, Levent Sahin, Zhaofeng Li, Filiberto Bilotti, Lucio Vegni, and Ekmel Ozbay, “Split-Ring-Resonator-Coupled Enhanced Transmission through a Single Subwavelength Aperture,” Physical Review Letters, volume 102, 013904 (2009). (36 citations)
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