Paul O'Brien - Publications#

The list includes dates over the years in a variety of areas.

1. Nanocrystalline semiconductors: synthesis, properties, and perspectives, T Trindade, P O'Brien, NL Pickett, Chemistry of Materials 2001, 13 (11), 3843-3858, (*1416)

2. Understanding the factors that govern the deposition and morphology of thin films of ZnO from aqueous solution K Govender, DS Boyle, PB Kenway, P O'Brien Journal of Materials Chemistry,2004, 14 (16), 2575-2591 (*747)

3. Synthesis of CdS and CdSe nanocrystallites using a novel single-molecule precursors approach T Trindade, P O'Brien, X Zhang Chemistry of Materials, 1997, 9 (2), 523-530 (*322)

4. Room‐Temperature Lasing Observed from ZnO Nanocolumns Grown by Aqueous Solution Deposition K Govender, DS Boyle, P O’Brien, D Binks, D West, D Coleman Advanced Materials. 2002, 14 (17), 1221-1224 (*284)

5. Optical properties of ZnO nanocrystals doped with Cd, Mg, Mn, and Fe ions YS Wang, PJ Thomas, P O'Brien, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2006, B 110 (43), 21412-21415 (*256)

6. Production of few-layer phosphorene by liquid exfoliation of black phosphorus, JR Brent, N Savjani, EA Lewis, SJ Haigh, DJ Lewis, P O'Brien Chemical Communications, 2014, 50 (*87), 13338-13341 (*226)

7. Ambient pressure aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition of (CH3NH3) PbBr3, an inorganic–organic perovskite important in photovoltaics, DJ Lewis and P O'Brien Chemical Communications 2014, 50 (48), 6319-6321 (223)

8. A facile synthesis of uniform NH4TiOF3 mesocrystals and their conversion to TiO2 mesocrystals, L Zhou, D Smyth-Boyle, P O'Brien, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2008 130 (4), 1309-1320 (*123)
9. A simple one phase preparation of organically capped gold nanocrystals M Green, P O’Brien, Chemical Communications, 2000, 183-184, (*98)

10. Tin (II) sulfide (SnS) nanosheets by liquid-phase exfoliation of herzenbergite: IV–VI main group two-dimensional atomic crystals, JR Brent, DJ Lewis, T Lorenz, EA Lewis, N Savjani, SJ Haigh, G Seifert and P O'Brien, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015,137 (39), 12689-1269 (*53)

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