Lars Nyberg - Selected Publications#

Current H-index = 100, total number of citations > 43500 [from Google Scholar (GS) March 1, 2022].

Tucker-Drob, E. M., de la Fuente, J., Köhncke, Y., Braindmaier, A. M., Nyberg, L., & Lindenberger, U. (2022). A strong dependency between changes in fluid and crystallized abilities in human cognitive aging. Science Advances, 8, eabj2422.

Nyberg, L., Walhovd, K. B. & Fjell, A. M. (2022). Neurobiological Aging and Memory: Average patterns and individual differences. To appear in: Oxford Handbook of Human Memory, M. Kahana & A. D. Wagner (Eds.), Oxford University Press.

Nyberg, L., et al. (2021). Educational attainment does not influence brain aging. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118, e2101644118.

Nyberg, L. & Lindenberger, U. (2020). Brain maintenance and cognition in old age, In Cognitive Neurosciences VI, Poeppel, Mangun & Gazzaniga (Eds), pp. 81-89, Cambridge MIT Press.

Nyberg, L. Boraxbekk, C.-J., Sörman, D., Hansson, P., Herlitz, A., Kauppi, K., Ljungberg, J. K., Lövheim, H., Lundquist, A., Nordin Adolfsson, A., Oudin, A., Pudas, S., Rönnlund, M., Stiernstedt, M., Sundström, A., & Adolfsson, R. (2020). Biological and environmental predictors of heterogeneity in neurocognitive ageing: evidence from Betula and other longitudinal studies. Ageing Research Reviews, 64, 101184.

Nyberg, L. & Pudas, S. (2019). Successful Memory Aging. Annual Review of Psychology, 70, 219-243.

Salami, A., Garrett, D.D., Wåhlin, A., J. Johansson, Andersson, M., Axelsson, J., Riklund, K., Lövdén, M., Lindenberger, U., Bäckman, L. & Nyberg, L. (2019). Dopamine D2/3 binding potential modulates neural signatures of working memory in a load-dependent fashion. Journal of Neuroscience, 39, 537-547.

Wåhlin, A. & Nyberg, L. (2019). At the heart of cognitive functioning in aging. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 23, 717-720.

Cabeza, R., Albert, M., Belleville, S., Craik, F.I.M., Duarte, A., Grady, C.L., Lindenberger, U., Nyberg, L., Park, D.C., Reuter-Lorenz, P.A., Rugg, M.D., Steffener, J., Rajah, N.M. (2018). Maintenance, reserve and compensation: the cognitive neuroscience of healthy ageing. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 19, 701-710.

Pudas, S., Josefsson, M., Rieckmann, A., & Nyberg, L. (2017). Longitudinal Evidence for Increased Functional Response in Frontal Cortex for Older Adults with Hippocampal Atrophy and Memory Decline. Cerebral Cortex, 28, 936-948.
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