Marcin Nowotny - Selected Publications#

1. Razew, M., Z. Warkocki, M. Taube, A. Kolondra, M. Czarnocki-Cieciura, E. Nowak, K. Labedzka-Dmoch, A. Kawinska, J. Piatkowski, P. Golik, M. Kozak, A. Dziembowski and M. Nowotny (2018). "Structural analysis of mtEXO mitochondrial RNA degradosome reveals tight coupling of nuclease and helicase components." Nat Commun 9(1): 97. cited 3 times

2. Figiel, M., M. Krepl, S. Park, J. Poznanski, K. Skowronek, A. Golab, T. Ha, J. Sponer and M. Nowotny (2018). "Mechanism of polypurine tract primer generation by HIV-1 reverse transcriptase." J Biol Chem 293(1): 191-202. cited 1 time

3. Figiel, M., M. Krepl, J. Poznanski, A. Golab, J. Sponer and M. Nowotny (2017). "Coordination between the polymerase and RNase H activity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase." Nucleic Acids Res 45(6): 3341-3352. cited 8 times

4. Gaur, V., H. D. Wyatt, W. Komorowska, R. H. Szczepanowski, D. de Sanctis, K. M. Gorecka, S. C. West and M. Nowotny (2015). "Structural and Mechanistic Analysis of the Slx1-Slx4 Endonuclease." Cell Rep. Volume 10(9): 1467-1476. cited 14 times

5. Smietanski, M., M. Werner, E. Purta, K. H. Kaminska, J. Stepinski, E. Darzynkiewicz, M. Nowotny and J. M. Bujnicki (2014). "Structural analysis of human 2'-O-ribose methyltransferases involved in mRNA cap structure formation." Nat Commun 5: 3004. cited 38 times

6. Mietus, M., E. Nowak, M. Jaciuk, P. Kustosz, J. Studnicka and M. Nowotny (2014). "Crystal structure of the catalytic core of Rad2: insights into the mechanism of substrate binding." Nucleic Acids Res 42(16): 10762-10775. cited 19 times

7. Nowak, E., J. T. Miller, M. K. Bona, J. Studnicka, R. H. Szczepanowski, J. Jurkowski, S. F. Le Grice and M. Nowotny (2014). "Ty3 reverse transcriptase complexed with an RNA-DNA hybrid shows structural and functional asymmetry." Nat Struct Mol Biol 21(4): 389-396. cited 14 times

8. Gorecka, K. M., W. Komorowska and M. Nowotny (2013). "Crystal structure of RuvC resolvase in complex with Holliday junction substrate." Nucleic Acids Res 41(21): 9945-9955. cited 38 times

9. Jaciuk, M., E. Nowak, K. Skowronek, A. Tanska and M. Nowotny (2011). "Structure of UvrA nucleotide excision repair protein in complex with modified DNA." Nat Struct Mol Biol 18(2): 191-197. cited 50 times

10. Rychlik, M. P., H. Chon, S. M. Cerritelli, P. Klimek, R. J. Crouch and M. Nowotny (2010). "Crystal structures of RNase H2 in complex with nucleic acid reveal the mechanism of RNA-DNA junction recognition and cleavage." Mol Cell 40(4): 658-670. cited 67 times

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47 articles; H-index 22; citations without self-citations 2164

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