Sergei Novikov - Curriculum vitae#

Vita and Education
  • Born: March 20, 1938, Gorky City (N. Novgorod)
  • Father - Petr Sergeevich Novikov (1901-1975), outstanding mathematician (Descriptive Set Theory, Inverse Problem for the Newtonian Gravity, Mathematical Logic and Combinatorial Group Theory),
  • Mother - Keldysh Lyudmila Vsevolodovna (1904-1976), well-known mathematician, full professor (Set Theory and Geometric Topology).
  • 1955-1960 Study in Moscow State University Department of Mathematics and Mechanics,
  • 1960 Student diploma from the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of MSU. Thesis title: "Homotopy properties of Thom complexes", (Prof. M. M. Postnikov -- adviser).
  • 1960-1963 Aspirantura, the Steklov Institute of Mathematics (Prof. M. M. Postnikov -- adviser).
  • 1964 Candidate of Science (=PhD) in Physics and Mathematics. Thesis title: "Differentiable sphere bundles".
  • 1965 Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Thesis title: "Homotopy equivalent smooth manifolds".
  • 1962 Married Eleonora Tsoi (Novikova), 3 children, 1 son (Petr) and 2 daughters(Irina and Maria).

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