Robert Nitsch - Publications#

An asterisk (*) indicates publications of a PhD-student or post-doc (first author) and senior post-doc (last author), both from the candidate´s laboratory; in recent years, the candidate felt it was fair to defer the “senior” position to his senior scientists.

Geist B*, Vorwerk B, Coiro P, Ninnemann O, Nitsch R (2011) PRG-1 transcriptional regulation independent from Nex1/Math2-mediated activation. Cell Mol Life Sci. Jul 31, DOI 10.1007/s00018-011-0774-7

Fietz SA, Kelava I, Vogt J*, Wilsch-Bräuniger M, Stenzl D, Fish JL, Corbeil D, Riehn A, Distler W, Nitsch R, Huttner WB (2010) OSVZ progenitors of human and ferret neocortex are epithelial-like and expand by integrin signaling. Nat Neurosci 13 (6): 690-699

Trimbuch T#*, Beed P#, Vogt J#*, Schuchmann S, Maier N, Kintscher M, Breustedt J, Schuelke M, Streu N, Kieselmann O, Brunk I, Laube G, Strauss U, Battefeld A, Wende H, Birchmeier C, Wiese S, Sendtner M, Kawabe H, Kishimoto-Suga M, Brose N, Baumgart J, Geist B, Aoki J, Savaskan NE, Bräuer AU, Chun J, Ninnemann O, Schmitz D#, Nitsch R# (2009) Synaptic PRG-1 modulates excitatory transmission via lipid phosphate-mediated signaling. Cell 18; 138(6): 1222-35. #equal contribution

Rybak A*, Fuchs H, Hadian K, Smirnova L, Michel G, Nitsch R, Krappmann D, Wulczyn FG* (2009) The let-7 target gene mouse Lin-41 is a stem cell specific E3 ubiquitin ligase for the miRNA pathway protein Ago2. Nat Cell Biol 11(12):1411-20

Rybak A#*, Fuchs H#*, Smirnova L, Brandt C, Pohl EE, Nitsch R, Wulczyn FG* (2008) A Feedback Loop Comprising lin-28 and let-7 Controls let-7 Maturation during Neural Stem Cell Commitment. Nat Cell Biol 10(8):987-93. #equal contribution

Brandt N*, Franke K, Rašin MR, Baumgart J, Vogt J, Khrulev S, Hassel B, Pohl EE, Šestan N, Nitsch R#, Schumacher S#* (2007) The neural EGF family member CALEB/NGC mediates dendritic tree and spine complexity. EMBO J 26(9):2371-86. #equal contribution

Eljaschewitsch E*, Witting A, Mawrin C, Lee T, Schmidt PM, Wolf S, Hörtnagl H, Raine CS, Schneider-Stock R, Nitsch R#, Ullrich O#* (2006) The endogenous cannabinoid anandamide (AEA) protects neurons during CNS inflammation by induction of MKP-1 in microglial cells. Neuron 49:67 79. #equal contribution

Aktas O, Smorodchenko A, Brocke S, Infante-Duarte C, Topphoff US, Vogt J, Prozorovski T, Meier S, Osmanova V, Pohl E, Bechmann I, Nitsch R#, Zipp F# (2005) Neuronal damage in autoimmune neuroinflammation mediated by the death ligand TRAIL. Neuron 46:421-432. #equal contribution

Bräuer AU*, Savaskan NE, Kühn H, Prehn S, Ninnemann O, Nitsch R (2003) A new phospholipid phosphatase, PRG-1, is involved in axon growth and regenerative sprouting. Nat Neurosci 6(6):572-578.

Diestel A*, Aktas O, Hackel D, Häke I, Meier S, Raine CS, Nitsch R#, Zipp F#, Ullrich O#* (2003) Activation of microglial poly(ADP-ribose)-polymerase-1 by cholesterol breakdown products during neuroinflammation: a link between demyelination and neuronal damage. J Exp Med 198(11):1729 1740. #equal contribution
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