Irina Nikolaeva - Biography#

Irina Nikolaeva completed her education in Moscow (BA, MA, Candidate), San Diego (ABD) and Leiden (PhD). After holding various research and teaching positions in Hungary, Germany and the UK, in 2007 she joined SOAS, University of London, as Lecturer in Endangered Languages. She became Professor of Linguistics at SOAS in 2011, and served as Head of Linguistics Department in 2012-2017. Nikolaeva has published numerous research papers and 14 monographs on the topics of linguistic typology and theoretical morphosyntax, as well as documentation and description of endangered languages of Siberia, including reference grammars, dictionaries and text collections. She has also created teaching materials for the minority peoples of the Russian North and online resources for the general public.

For further details of her career and publications, see:

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