Victor Neumann - Selected Publications#

The Temptation of Homo Europaeus (The Genesis of the Modern Ideas in Central and Southeastern Europe), East European Monographs, Boulder, Colorado; Columbia University Press, New-York, 1993, Translation by Dana Miu, 269 p. ISBN 0-88033-281-6

Between Words and Reality: Studies on the Politics of Recognition and Changes of Regime in Romania, Council for Research of Values and Philosophy, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., 2001, 200 p. ISBN 1-56518-161-1

Civic Education and Human Rights in an Intercultural Perspectives: The Case of Transylvania”, in Papeles del Este, Spain, issue 3, 2002, pp. 1-52

Federalism and Nationalism in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: Aurel C. Popovici's Theory, in East European Politics and Societies, University of California Press, USA, Vol.16, No. 3, p. 864-898

Conceptually Mystified: East-Central Europe Torn Between Ethnicism and Recognition of Multiple Identities, Enciclopedică Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004, 230p. ISBN 973-45-0484-3

The End of a History: The Jews of Banat from the Beginning to Nowadays, The University of Bucharest Publishing House, Bucharest, 2006, 243 p. ISBN 973-737-135-6

Neam (Stamm/Kin) und Popor (Volk/People): Die Begriffe des Rumänischen Ethnozentrismus, in Geschichte politisch-sozialer Begriffe in Rumänien und Moldova, Leipziger Universitätsverlag (The University of Leipzig Publishing House), 2010; pp. 21-42. ISBN 978-3-86583-491-1

Peculiarities of the Translation and Adaptation of the Concept of Nation in East-Central Europe. The Hungarian and Romanian Cases in the Nineteenth Century,” in Contributions to the History of Concepts (Berghahn Publishers, New York), vol. 7, nr. 1, summer 2012, pp. 72-101. DOI:

The Concept of Totalitarianism in Romanian Socio-Political Languages in Victor Neumann and Armin Heinen, Key Concepts of Romanian History. Alternative Approaches to Socio- Political Languages, CEU Press, Budapesta-New York, 2013, p. 403-422. ISBN: 978-615-5225-16-1

Essays on Romanian Intellectual History, The West University of Timișoara Publishing House, Timișoara, 2008, 227 p. ISBN 978-973-125-141-7. Second edition, revised, European Institute, Iași, 2013, 224p. ISBN 978-973-611-950-7

Die Interkulturalität des Banats, Frank&Timme Verlag, Berlin, 2015, 164 p. ISBN 978-3-7329-0116-6

Conceptualizing Modernity in Multi- and Intercultural Spaces. The Case of Central and Eastern Europe in the volume Conceptual History in the European Space, edited by Willibald Steinmetz, Michael Freeden, Javier Fernandez Sebastian, Berghahn Publishers, New York-Oxford, 2017, pp.236-263.

Between Orthodox Byzantium and Catholic Europe: Banat and its Multiple-Coded Cultural Legacies, in the volume Mihai I. Spăriosu (Ed.), Intercultural Conflict and Harmony in the Central European Borderlands, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Goettingen, 2017, pp. 43-59.

Modernity in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Ideas, Concepts, Discourses, Edited by Victor Neumann and Armin Heinen, RAO Publishers, Bucharest, 2018, 520 p. ISBN 978-606-006-117-5

The Banat of Timisoara. A European Melting Pot, Scala Arts& Heritage Publishers, Edited by Victor Neumann, London, 2019, I495 p. ISBN 978-1-78551-124-0

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