Christopher Nester - Selected Publications#

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1. Lundgren, P, C Nester, A Liu, A, Arndt, R Jones, Stacoff, A, Wolf, P. Lundberg, A. Invasive in vivo measurement of rear, mid and forefoot motion during walking. Gait Posture. 2008 Jul;28(1):93-100. Epub 2007 Dec 21.

2. Nester CJ, Jarvis H, Jones RK, Bowden PD and Liu A. Movement of the human foot in 100 pain free individuals aged 18-45: implications for understanding normal foot function. J Foot Ankle Res. 2014 Nov 28;7(1):51.

3. Jarvis HL, Nester CJ, Bowden PD, Jones RK. Challenging the foundations of the clinical model of foot function: further evidence that the root model assessments fail to appropriately classify foot function. J Foot Ankle Res. 2017 Feb 3;10:7.

4. Deschamps K, Brabants A, Nester C, Gijon-Nogueron G, Simşek E, Newton V. A conceptual framework for contemporary professional foot care practice: The value based digital foot care framework. J Foot Ankle Res. 2021 Mar 25;14(1):22.

These selected publications are from a wider portfolio that has been the central tenant of the candidate’s career over 22 years. Alongside other works in the field, this research pioneered the use of scientific evidence to challenge, undermine and then replace the conceptual models that were the basis of orthotic practice in Physiotherapy, Orthotics and Podiatry across the world. The research challenged unproven theories that had proliferated in an immature professional community globally, based on concepts from the early 1970’s. The community was not consistently using scientific principles to critically appraise theories they heard from a wide range of origins and eminence rather than evidence was shaping professional practice. The research proved existing theories were wrong, that the implications were significant for practice (e.g., diagnosis of “limb deformities” that were not abnormal features at all) and impacted on the design and prescription of orthoses too.

The last paper in this list is the most recent publication, linked to the European Network of Podiatry Schools in Higher Education, (ENPODHE, ) and funded by a Erasmus+ award ( With European colleagues, this paper draws upon evidence from a wide range of medical and clinical fields to propose an evidenced based conceptual paradigm for professional orthotic practice, connecting education, practice and research activity for the first time. The candidate has been asked to deliver keynote lectures on these development in Spain, France, Germany, Australia, USA and China to both clinical and scientific audiences.

5. Liu A, Nester CJ, Jones RK, Lundgren P, Lund-Berg A, Arndt A, Wolf P. The Effect of an Antipronation Foot Orthosis on Ankle and Subtalar Kinematics. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2012 Dec;44(12):2384-91

6. Majumdar R, Laxton P, Thuesen A, Nester CJ, Richards B, Liu A. Development and biomechanical evaluation of a prefabricated anti pronation foot orthosis. JRRD, Volume 50 Number 10, 2013, Pages 1331-1342.

7. Martínez-Santos A, Preece S, Nester CJ. Evaluation of orthotic insoles for people with diabetes who are at-risk of first ulceration. Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, J Foot Ankle Res. 2019 Jun 18;12:35.

Linked to the theme underlying the first 4 papers (and their impact), these publications are examples from a wider portfolio of evidence led development of new foot health insole products created through Government and EU funded projects (Frameworks 5, 6 and 7, partners in Spain and Germany). These supported greater us of cheaper and faster to dispense prefabricated products in the health service compared to the historical reliance on products made by hand/custom for each individual patient. The quality of the evidence was new to the field. A spin off company was created and still trades after 14 years, having sold over 200,000 pairs of foot health insole products each derived/evidence through published research.

8. Anderson J, Williams AE, Nester C. An explorative qualitative study to determine the footwear needs of workers in standing environments. J Foot Ankle Res. 2017 Aug 30;10:41.

9. Anderson J, Nester CJ, Williams AE: Prolonged occupational standing: the impact of time and footwear, Footwear Science, 2018.

10. Anderson J, Williams AE, Nester C. (2020) Development and evaluation of a dual density insole for people standing for long periods of time at work, Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, 13(1):42.

These publications are the result of government and industry funded research and used qualitative and quantitative approaches to evidence a need to produce footwear that protects against musculoskeletal injuries that occur due to workplace tasks (rather than workplace slip, trip and fall accidents). This new focus was disruptive to a tightly regulated and therefore conservative sector. This enabled a new company to form, created 9 jobs, £2,000,000 annual turnover in 2 years, and products are sold 30 countries. 70% of the product range (and therefore business) is derived from the research completed with one footwear product selling 60,000 pairs in the first 20 months.

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