Jacques Neefjes - Publications#

Jacques Neefjes has published over 220 publications in peer-reviewed journals with 18 in Nature, Science or Cell. He is cited close to 15.000 times and has an H-factor of 65.

Ten recent publications are:
  • Menendez-Benito V, van Deventer SJ, Jimenez-Garcia V, Roy-Luzarraga M, van Leeuwen F, Neefjes J. (2013) Spatiotemporal analysis of organelle and macromolecular complex inheritance. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110:175-80
  • Huang S, Hölzel M, Knijnenburg T, Schlicker A, Roepman P, McDermott U, Garnett M, Grernrum W, Sun C, Prahallad A, Groenendijk FH, Mittempergher L, Nijkamp W, Neefjes J, Salazar R, Ten Dijke P, Uramoto H, Tanaka F, Beijersbergen RL, Wessels LF, Bernards R. (2012) MED12 controls the response to multiple cancer drugs through regulation of TGF-β receptor signaling. Cell 151:937-50.
  • J, Jongsma ML, Paul P, Bakke O. (2011) Towards a systems understanding of MHC class I and MHC class II antigen presentation. Nat Rev Immunol. 11:823-36.
  • Paul, P, van den Hoorn, T, Jongsma, ML, Bakker, MJ, Hengeveld, R, Janssen, L, Cresswell, P, Egan, DA, van Ham, M, ten Brinke, A, Ovaa, H, Beijersbergen, RL, Kuijl, C, and Neefjes, J (2011). A genome-wide multidimensional RNAi screen reveals pathways controlling MHC class II antigen presentation. Cell 145, 268.
  • Rocha, N, Kuijl, C, van der Kant, R, Janssen, L, Houben, D, Janssen, H, Zwart, W, and Neefjes, J (2009). Cholesterol sensor ORP1L contacts the ER protein VAP to control Rab7-RILP-p150 Glued and late endosome positioning. J. Cell Biol. 185, 1209.
  • Kuijl, C, Savage, ND, Marsman, M, Tuin, AW, Janssen, L, Egan, DA, Ketema, M, van den Nieuwendijk, R, van den Eeden, SJ, Geluk, A, Poot, A, van der Marel, G, Beijersbergen, RL, Overkleeft, H, Ottenhoff, TH, and Neefjes, J (2007). Intracellular bacterial growth is controlled by a kinase network around PKB/AKT1. Nature 450, 725.
  • Reits,E.A., Hodge,J.W., Herberts,C.A., Groothuis,T.A., Chakraborty,M., Wansley,E.K., Camphausen,K., Luiten,R.M., de Ru,A.H., Neijssen,J., Griekspoor,A., Mesman,E., Verreck,F.A., Spits,H., Schlom,J., van Veelen,P., and Neefjes,J.J. (2006). Radiation modulates the peptide repertoire, enhances MHC class I expression, and induces successful antitumor immunotherapy. J Exp Med 203, 1259-1271.
  • Neijssen, J, Herberts, C, Drijfhout, JW, Reits, E, Janssen, L, and Neefjes, J (2005). Cross-presentation by intercellular peptide transfer through gap junctions. Nature 434, 83.
  • Michalides,R., Griekspoor,A., Balkenende,A., Verwoerd,D., Janssen,L., Jalink,K., Floore,A., Velds,A., van't Veer,L., and Neefjes,J. (2004). Tamoxifen resistance by a conformational arrest of the estrogen receptor alpha after PKA activation in breast cancer. Cancer Cell 5, 597-605.
  • Reits, EA, Vos, JC, Gromme, M, and Neefjes, J (2000). The major substrates for TAP in vivo are derived from newly synthesized proteins. Nature 404, 774.
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