Nassir Navab - Selected Publications#

1. F Milletari, N Navab, SA Ahmadi
V-net: Fully convolutional neural networks for volumetric medical image segmentation
2016 fourth international conference on 3D vision (3DV), 565-571 [5360citations, June 2022]

2. I Laina, C Rupprecht, V Belagiannis, F Tombari, N Navab Deeper depth prediction with fully convolutional residual networks
2016 Fourth international conference on 3D vision (3DV), 239-248 [1560 citations, June 2022]

3. S Hinterstoisser, V Lepetit, S Ilic, S Holzer, G Bradski, K Konolige, N Navab
Model based training, detection and pose estimation of texture-less 3d objects in heavily cluttered scenes, Asian conference on computer vision, 548-562 [1010 citations, June 2022]

4. W Kehl, F Manhardt, F Tombari, S Ilic, N Navab
Ssd-6d: Making rgb-based 3d detection and 6d pose estimation great again
Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on computer vision, 1521-1529 [690 citations, June 2022]

5. K Tateno, F Tombari, I Laina, N Navab
Cnn-slam: Real-time dense monocular slam with learned depth prediction
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern … [604 citations, June 2022]

6. S Albarqouni, C Baur, F Achilles, V Belagiannis, S Demirci, N Navab
Aggnet: deep learning from crowds for mitosis detection in breast cancer histology images
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 35 (5), 1313-1321[505 citations, June 2022]

7. W Wein, S Brunke, A Khamene, MR Callstrom, N Navab
Automatic CT-ultrasound registration for diagnostic imaging and image-guided intervention
Medical image analysis 12 (5), 577-585 [422 citations, June 2022]

8. AG Roy, S Conjeti, SPK Karri, D Sheet, A Katouzian, C Wachinger, N. Navab
ReLayNet: retinal layer and fluid segmentation of macular optical coherence tomography using fully convolutional networks
Biomedical optics express 8 (8), 3627-3642 [381 citations, June 2022]

9. M Tuceryan, Y Genc, N Navab
Single-point active alignment method (SPAAM) for optical see-through HMD calibration for augmented reality
Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments 11 (3), 259-276 [322 citations, June 2022]

10. A BaSiC tool for background and shading correction of optical microscopy imagesT Peng, K Thorn, T Schroeder, L Wang, FJ Theis, C Marr, N NavabNature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017 [158 citations, June 2022]

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