Gioacchino Natoli - Selected Publications#

Opposing macrophage polarization programs show extensive epigenomic and transcriptional cross-talk (Piccolo V, Curina A, Genua M, Ghisletti S, Simonatto M, Sabo' M, Amati B, Ostuni R, Natoli G) Nature Immunology 8, 530-540. PMID 28288101 (2017).

High constitutive activity of a broad panel of housekeeping and tissue-specific cis-regulatory elements depends on a subset of ETS proteins (Curina A, Termanini A, Barozzi I, Prosperini E, Simonatto M, Polletti S, Silvola A, Soldi M, Austenaa L, Bonaldi T, Ghisletti S, Natoli G) Genes & Development 31,399-412 (2017).

Transcription of mammalian cis-regulatory elements is restrained by actively enforced early termination (L. M.I. Austenaa, I. Barozzi, M. Simonatto, S. Masella, G. Della Chiara, S. Ghisletti, A. Curina, E. de Wit, B.A.M. Bouwman, S. de Pretis, V. Piccolo, A. Termanini, E. Prosperini, M. Pelizzola, W. de Laat, and G. Natoli) Molecular Cell 60, 460-474 (2015).

Co-regulation of transcription factor binding and nucleosome occupancy through DNA features of mammalian enhancers (I. Barozzi, M. Simonatto, S. Bonifacio, L. Yang, R. Rohs, S. Ghisletti, G. Natoli) Molecular Cell 54, 844-857 (2014).

Latent enhancers activated by stimulation in differentiated cells (Ostuni R, Piccolo V, Barozzi I, Polletti S, Termanini A, Bonifacio S, Curina A, Prosperini E, Ghisletti S, Natoli G) Cell 152, 157-71 (2013).

The histone methyltransferase Mll4 controls macrophage function through glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor synthesis (L. Austenaa, I. Barozzi, A. Chronowska, A. Termanini, R. Ostuni, E. Prosperini, A. F. Stewart, G. Testa, G. Natoli) Immunity 36, 572-585 (2012).

A large fraction of extragenic RNA Pol II transcription sites overlap enhancers (F. De Santa, I. Barozzi, F. Mietton, S. Ghisletti, S. Polletti, BK Tusi, H. Muller, J. Ragoussis, CL Wei, G. Natoli) PLoS Biology 8, e1000384 (2010).

Identification and characterization of enhancers controlling the inflammatory gene expression program in macrophages (S. Ghisletti, I. Barozzi, F. Mietton, S. Polletti, F. De Santa, E. Venturini, L. Gregory, L. Lonie, A. Chew, C.L. Wei, J. Ragoussis, G. Natoli) Immunity 32, 317-328 (2010).

Non-cooperative interactions between transcription factors and clustered DNA binding sites enable graded transcriptional responses to environmental inputs (L. Giorgetti, T. Siggers, G. Tiana, G. Caprara, S. Notarbartolo, T. Corona, M. Pasparakis, P. Milani, M. L. Bulyk, G. Natoli). Molecular Cell 37, 418-428 (2010)

The histone H3 lysine 27 demethylase Jmjd3 links inflammation to inhibition of polycomb-mediated gene silencing (F. De Santa, M.G. Totaro, E. Prosperini, S. Notarbartolo, G. Testa and G. Natoli). Cell 130, 1083-1094 (2007).

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