Iris Nagtegaal - Selected Publications#

Iris Nagtegaal has currently authored 299 accepted peer reviewed papers; 51 as first or second author, and 76 as last author. Of these, over one quarter are published in high impact journals (IF over 8) and more than one-third are published open access. The papers are well read, with an i10 index of 190 and 28127 citations to date. Her H-index is 74 (Scholar, 60 ISI Web of Science). This selection of papers illustrates her impact on patient care (setting standards in terminology, reporting, standardisation and staging) as well as addresses her approach to more fundamental questions (what determines metastatic patterns).

1. SD Crockett, ID Nagtegaal. Terminology, molecular features, epidemiology and management of serrated colorectal neoplasia. Gastroenterology 2019, 157(4): 949-966 (IF 19.2, invited review, explaining standards of diagnostic workup and implications)

2. CE Sluijter, F van Workum, T Wiggers, C van de Water, O Visser, HJ van Slooten, LIH Overbeek, ID Nagtegaal. Improvement of care in colorectal cancer patients: influence of the introduction of standardized structured reporting for pathology. JCO Clin Cancer Informatics 2019, 3: 1 -12 (no IF yet, but survival benefit of 2.5% in population due to standardisation)

3. A Madani, CCHJ Kuijpers, CE Sluijter, JH von der Thusen, K Grunberg, VEPP Lemmens, LIH Overbeek, ID Nagtegaal. Decrease of variation of care in pathology with a national e-learning module. Histopathology 2019, 74(6): 925-932 (IF 3.3, improved quality of care)

4. AJM Rombouts, N Hugen, JJP van Beek, PMP Poortmans, JHW de Wilt, ID Nagtegaal. Does pelvic radiation increase rectal cancer incidence? – a systematic review and meta-analysis. Cancer Treatment Reviews 2018, 68:136-144 (IF 8.3)

5. ID Nagtegaal, N Knijn, N Hugen, T Tot, H Marshall, K Sugihara, H Ueno, P Quirke. Tumor deposits: improving the value of modern staging - including a systematic review and meta-analysis in colorectal cancer. JCO 2017, 35(10): 1119-1127 (IF 28.2, 54 citations, forming the basis of evidence based changes for the next TNM edition)

6. ID Nagtegaal, HJ Schmoll. What is the role of lymph node metastases in the progression of colorectal cancer? Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2017, 14(11): 633-634 (IF 23.6, invited comment)

7. N Hugen, G Brown, R Glynne Jones, JH de Wilt, ID Nagtegaal. Advances in care of patients with mucinous colorectal cancer. Nature Rev Clin Oncol 2016, 13(6): 361-369 (IF 34.1, 66 citations, summary of state-of-the-art mainly based on own research)

8. N Hugen, CJH van de Velde, JHW de Wilt, ID Nagtegaal. Metastatic pattern in colorectal cancer is strongly influenced by histological subtype. Ann Oncol 2014, 25(3): 651-657 (IF 14.2, 202 citations, introduction of the relevance of metastatic patterns)

9. LJM Mekenkamp, JC Haan, M Koopman, S Teerenstra, L Mol, GA Meijer, CJA Punt, ID Nagtegaal. Chromosome 20p11 gains are associated with liver-specific metastasis in patients with colorectal cancer. Gut 2013; 62: 94-101 (IF 17.9)

10. SL Bosch, S Teerenstra, JHW de Wilt, C Cunningham, ID Nagtegaal. Predicting lymph node metastasis in pT1 colorectal cancer – a meta-analysis of risk factors providing rationale for therapy decisions. Endoscopy 2013, 45: 827-834 (IF 6.4, 207 citations, essential for the introduction of population screening for bowel cancer)

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