John Mylopoulos - Selected Publications#

  1. Liu, L., Yu, E., Mylopoulos, J., “Secure-i*: Engineering Secure Software Systems through Social Analysis”, Int. Journal of Software and Informatics 3(1), Chinese Academy of Sciences, ISSN: 1673-7288, March 2009, 89-120.
  2. Silva, C., Castro, J., Araújo, J., Moreira, A., Tedesco, P., Mylopoulos, J., “Advanced Separation of Concerns in Agent-Oriented Design Patterns", International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering 3(2/3), Inderscience Publishers, April 2009, 306-327.
  3. Wang, Y., McIlraith, S., Yu, Y., Mylopoulos, J., “Monitoring and Diagnosing Software Requirements”, Journal of Automated Software Engineering 16(1), Springer-Verlag, March 2009, 3-35.
  4. Niu, N., Yu, Y., Gonzalez-Baixauli, B., Ernst, N., Leite, J., and Mylopoulos, J., “Aspects Across Software Lifecycle: A Goal-Driven Approach”, Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD) VI, Katz, S. et al (eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 5560, Springer-Verlag, September 2009, 83–110.
  5. Kiyavitskaya N., Zeni N., Cordy J., Mich L., and Mylopoulos J., “Cerno: Light-Weight Tool Support for Semantic Annotation of Textual Documents”, Journal of Data and Knowledge Engineering 68(12), Elsevier, ISSN: 0169-023X, December 2009, 1470-1492.
  6. Jureta I., Mylopoulos J., Faulkner S., “A Core Ontology for Requirements”, Applied Ontology 4(3-4), IOS Press, ISSN: 1570-5838, December 2009, 169-244.
  7. Asnar, Y., Giorgini, P., Mylopoulos, J., “Goal-Driven Risk Assessment in Requirements Engineering”, Requirements Engineering Journal, Springer-Verlag, ISSN: 0947-3602, 101-116, June 2011.
  8. Lyytinen K., Jarke M., Loucopoulos P., Mylopoulos J., Robinson W., “The Brave New World of Design Requirements”, Information Systems, Elsevier, (online) May 2011.
  9. Dalpiaz F., Giorgini P., Mylopoulos J., “Adaptive Socio-Technical Systems: A Requirements-Based Approach”, Requirements Engineering Journal, Springer-Verlag, ISSN: 0947-3602.
  10. Liaskos S., McIlraith S., Sohrabi S., Mylopoulos J., “Representing and Reasoning about Preferences in Requirements Engineering”, Requirements Engineering Journal, Springer-Verlag, ISSN: 0947-3602, August 2011, 227-249.

Mylopoulos has an h-index of 66 with more than 19,000 citations (Google Scholar, April 2012) and is ranked among the 300 most cited authors in Computer Science (Microsoft Libra, April 2012).
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