Dmitry Murzin - Selected Publications#

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1. D. Murzin, T.Salmi, Catalytic Kinetics, 496 p., Elsevier, 2005.

2. D. Yu. Murzin, Engineering Catalysis, 364 p., De Gruyter, 2013.

3. D. Yu. Murzin, Chemical Reaction Technology, 428 p., De Gruyter, 2015.

4. D.Yu. Murzin, T. Salmi, Catalytic Kinetics, Chemistry and Engineering. 2d Edition, 740 p, Elsevier, 2016.

5. D.Yu. Murzin, Chemical Product Technology. De Gruyter, 2018.


6. P. Mäki-Arvela, T. Salmi, B. Holmbom, S. Willför, D.Yu. Murzin, Synthesis of sugars by hydrolysis of hemicelluloses – a review, Chemical Reviews, 2011, 111, 5638-5666.

7. D.Yu. Murzin, T.Salmi, Catalysis for lignocellulosic biomass processing: methodological aspects, Catalysis Letters, 2012, 142, 817-829 (Perspective)

8. D.Yu. Murzin, I. L. Simakova, Catalysis in biomass conversion, in Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II, vol. 7, From Elements to Applications, 2013, vol. 7, pp. 559-586 (ed. R. Schlögl, J.W. Niemantsverdriet)

9. P. Mäki-Arvela, I. Simakova, T. Salmi, D.Yu. Murzin, Production of lactic acid/lactates from biomass and their catalytic transformations to commodities – a review, Chemical Reviews, 2014, 114, 1909–1971.

10. I. L. Simakova, D.Yu. Murzin, One-pot transformation of bio-derived acids into fuel-like alkanes via ketonic decarboxylation and hydrodeoxygenation: design of multifunctional catalyst, kinetic and mechanistic aspects, Journal of Energy Chemistry 2016, 25, 208-224.

Altogether author and co-author of ca. 750 peer-reviewed papers, 4 patents.

Edited Monographs/Journal issues

1. Chemical Engineering Journal: A Special Thematic Issue on Catalyst Deactivation, 2006, 120. No.1-2 (Editors D. Murzin, K. Kumbilieva).

2. Nanocatalysis, Research Signpost, 2006, Kerala (Editor D.Yu. Murzin)

3. Topics in Catalysis: Interplay between the active phase and support: preparation, characterization and catalytic performance, 2009, 52, No. 4. (Editor D.Yu. Murzin)

4. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical: Special Issue Section in memory of M.I. Temkin, 2010, 315, No.2 (Editor D.Yu. Murzin)

5. Advances in Chemical Engineering: Chemical Engineering for Renewables Conversion, volume 42, Elsevier, 2013 (Editor D.Yu. Murzin)

6. Topics in Catalysis: 15th Nordic Symposium on catalysis, 2013, 56, Nos. 9-10 (Editors D.Yu. Murzin, P. Mäki-Arvela, T. Salmi)

7. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical: Special Issue on Biomass Catalysis, 2014, 388-389, No.2 (Editors A. Fukuoka, D.Yu. Murzin, Y. Roman-Leshkov)

8. Catalysis Today: Catalysis Applied to Fine Chemicals, 2015, 251 Part B (Editors D.Yu. Murzin, R. Leino, T. Salmi)

9. Catalysis Today: CHISA Catalysis, 2015, 256 Part 2 (Editors D.Yu. Murzin, M. Králik)

10. Biomass Sugars for Non-Fuel Application, RSC Green Chemistry, RSC, 2016 (Editors D. Murzin, O. Simakova)

11. Topics in Catalysis: Bridging Organic Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis, 2016, 59, No.13 (Editors R, Leino, D.Yu. Murzin, T. Saloranta).

Google scholar statistics: Citations 16963, h-index 62
Web of Science, h-index: 51, sum cited: 11983, without self-citations: 10006.

60 invited talks in Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and New Zealand.

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