Sylviane Muller - Biography#

Sylviane Muller is Professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Strasbourg University where she holds the chair in Therapeutic immunology; emeritus Research Director in CNRS; current Director of the Drug discovery Center for cancer and inflammation Medalis awarded 'Laboratory of Excellence’ (2011 - 2020); future Director of the Strasbourg Institute for drug development and discovery (IMS; 2021 - 2028). Co-founder of two companies Neosystem (1986) and ImmuPharma-France (2002). She received several awards (CNRS Silver Medal, CNRS Innovation Award, Léon Velluz Prize from the French Academy of Sciences, finalist of the 2017 European Inventor Award). She was/is a partner of several European grants, inited to deliver lectures in many international meetings. She acted as an expert in many national, and international selection boards and committees, particularly european ones. She co-authored 267 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 115 review articles and chapters (Nature Med., Nature Rev. Drug Discov., Nature Rev. Neurol., Trends Pharmacol. Sci., Trends Mol. Med.).

Her h factor is 56

S. Muller is interested in understanding the molecular and cellular pathways involved in autoreactive lymphocytes activation, the events leading to cell death/living phenomena that are central in autoinflammatoty diseases (e.g. Lupus), and in the fundamental mechanisms of therapeutic responses. With her team, she performs a multidisplinary research associating chemistry, biochemistry, cellular immunology and pharmacology. Combining her fundamental knowledge of Lupus with a long-lasting experience in the synthesis of peptides and peptide immunochemistry, S. Muller and her team were able to develop a very novel strategy, based on synthetic peptides, designed to modulate the aberrant immune response and restore immune system functions in lupus mice and patients. One of these peptides is currently evaluated in various countries worldwide in advanced clinical trials for Lupus, and in animal models mimicking other chronic inflammatory diseases.

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