Jesús Mosterín - Biography#

Born in Bilbao, Spain, 1941. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid, after which he studied under Hans Hermes at the Institut für mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung at the University of Münster. Ph.D. from the University of Barcelona, where he has held the chair of Logic and Philosophy of Science.

Jesús Mosterín is considered to have introduced analytical philosophy into Spain and has contributed decisively to the development of logic and philosophy of science in Spain and Latin America.

Currently he is a research professor at the CSIC Institute of Philosophy.

He is a member of the Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science, the Institut International de Philosophie in Paris, and the International Academy of Philosophy of Science.

He has published books including Lógica de primer orden (1970), Conceptos y teorías en la ciencia (2000) and Diccionario de Lógica y Filosofía de la Ciencia (2010), which he co-wrote with the Chilean philosopher Roberto Torretti. He crosses the boundaries between science and philosophy with ease and has collaborated with philosophers and scientists like John Earman, with whom he analyzed inflationary cosmology models in "A critical look at inflationary cosmology"(1999). Together with Thomas Bonk, from Germany, he discovered and edited the only original unpublished work of Rudolf Carnap, Untersuchungen zur allgemeinen Axiomatik (2000).

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