Witold Morawski - Publications#

Publications in Foreign Languages (selection)

The Bound Prometheus. Institutional Analysis of Polish Modernization, “POLISH SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW”, 2 (170) 2010:191-217.

Market and Political Justice in Postsocialist Poland, eds. S.Ichimura, T.Sato and W.James, TRANSITION FROM SOCIALIST TO MARKET ECONOMIES. Comparison of European and Asian Experiences, Palgrave Macmillan 2009:211-230.

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EKONOMICKA SOCIOLOGIE.PROBLEMY TEORIE EMPIRIE. Praha: Sociologickie Nakladadatelstvi (Slon) 2005:1-338.(Translation from Polish).

The „Road Maps” of Globalization. Some Conceptual-Analytic Proposals, „POLISH SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW”, 3 (143) 2003:289-304.

Economic Democracy and Systematic Transformation: Polish Peculiarities. eds. G.Szell, W. Ehlert, NEW DEMOCRACIES AND OLD SOCIETIES IN EUROPE, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang 2001:264-279.

Changing Images of Trade Unions, eds. A.Ishikawa, R.Martin, W.Morawski, V.Rus, WORKERS, FIRMS AND UNIONS. Part.2:The Development of Dual Commitment, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang 2000:233-248.

Systemic Change as Institutional Change: Universal Challenges and Polish Adaptations, “POLISH SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW”, 1 (121) 1988: 57-68.

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Tripartizmus es munkaugyi kapcsolatok Lengyelorszagban, with Jerzy Hausner, ed. M. Lado, TRIPARTIZMUS ES MUNKAUGYI KAPCSOLATOK KOZEP-ES KELET-EUROPABAN Budapest: Munkaugyi Miniszterium 1994:57-103.

Three Dilemmas of Citizenship-Building, “POLISH SOCIOLOGIACL REVIEW”, 1(105) 1994:23-34.

L’impresa industriale come “fattore” di cambiamento in Polonia, MERCATO E COOPERAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE. Le nuove “sfide” per il lavoro e per l’impresa nell’Europa dell’Est e dell’Ovest, Milano: FrancoAngeli 1993 N.50:45-58.

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Participacao dos trabalhadores em um pais socialista, REVOLUCAO, MODERNIDADE E CRISE, “SOCIEDADE E ESTADO” 1991 Nu 1 Jan-Jun. Vol.IV:87-104.

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DILEMMAS OF EMPLOYEES’ SELF-MANAGEMENT. Experiments in Poland. Tokyo: Chuo Univ.Press 1985: 1-178 (In Japanese).

Polens saregna revolution: intresseartikulationens roll for social jamvikt, eds. H.Wiberg, M.Bertilsson, K.Gerner, A.Kutylowski, KONFLIKT OCH SOLIDARITET I POLEN. Sociologiska analyser inifran, Stockholm: Bokforlaget Prisma 1983:95-104.

The Peculiarities of the Polish Revolution: The System of Articulation of Interests as a Condition of Social Equilibrium, “SISYPHUS.SOCIOLOGICAL STUDIES’, vol.!!! – Crises and Conflicts, Warsaw; PWN 1982: 11-20

Socialist industrialization in Poland: Its Doctrine, Decision-Making System, and Uncontrolled Phenomena, in: Guest editor: Witold Morawski- The Sociology of Industrial Management in Poland, “INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY” Winter 1980-81 vol. X, No.4 (M.E. Sharpe, Inc. Armonk, NY).

A SZERVEZET. A Strukturak, a Folyamatok es a Szerepek Szociologiaja, Budapest: Kozgazdasagi es Jogi Konyvkiado 1979:1-465 (Translation from Polish, Organizations, ed. W.Morawski).

Industrialization and Modernization, with P.Seppanen, eds. E.Allardt and W.Wesołowski, SOCIALM STRUCTURE AND CHANGE. FINLAND AND POLAND. COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE. Warsaw: Polish Scientific Publishers 1978:17-52.

An Analysis and Critique of the New Industrial Society Conceptions, “DIALECTICS AND HUMANISM” (Polish Philosophical Quarterly), Spring 1977, vo. IV, No.2:165-183.

Books (in Polish)


INDUSTRIAL CONFLICT IN AMERICA. Practice, ideology and science, Warsaw: PWN 1970:1-355.


THE NEW INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY. An analysis and critique of its conceptions, Warsaw: PWN 1975:1-360.

ORGANIZATIONS. Sociology of structures, processes and roles. Editor and contributor, Warsaw: PWN 1976: 7-14, 37-62.

MANAGEMENT IN SOCIETY. A sociological analysis. Editor and Contributor, Warsaw: PWN 1979:7-18, 171-192..

SOCIOLOGY. Basic problems, Co-editor and contributor, Warsaw: PWN 1991:362-380.

THE DECLINE OF STATE SOCIALISM. Essays in economic sociology, Editor and contributor, Warsaw: PWN 1994: 9-24,98-110, 196-213,284-300.

PEOPLE AND INSTITUTIONS IN THE PROCESS OF CHANGES, Co-editor and contributor, Warsaw: IS UW 1994:73-86.

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS IN POLAND. Studies of four cases. Co-author, Warsaw: IS UW 1995:5-13,33-43.


INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE. Society. Economy. Politics, Warsaw: PWN 1998:1-314.

SOCIAL JUSTICE. Poland in the 90s.Co-author, Warsaw: Scholar 2001:7-26, 115-171.

ECONOMIC SOCIOLOGY. Theory. Empirical studies. Warsaw: PWN 2001:1-396.

BREAKDOWN OF THE BUREAUCRATIC STATE SYSTEM, Co-editor and contributor. Warsaw: WFiS UW 2005: 243-266.

MODERNIZATION OF POLAND. Structures. Agencies. Institutions. Editor and Contributor, Warsaw: WAiP 2010:13-34,90-123.

GLOBAL CONFIGURATIONS. Structures. Agencies. Institutions. Warsaw: PWN 2010: 1-560 (in print)

Recent publications: selection (in Polish)

Global configurations. Structures, agencies and institutions, eds. S.Fel, M.Hulas, S.G.Raabe, SOCIETY, ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY. Perspectives of social encyclical “Caritas in veritate”, Lublin: KUL 2010:23-39.

Globalizations in configuration perspective, eds. J. Wroceński and J.Krajczyński, FINIS LEGIS CHRISTUS, Warszawa: UKSW 2009:939-960.

Modernization in the age of globalization, ed. S. Partycki, E-ECONOMY, E-SOCIETY IN EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE, Lublin: KUL 2009:65-74.

The waves of globalization and the global governance, “MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION”, No. 5 (94) 2008:22-32.

Social agency in the age of globalization, in: TOWARDS THE FUTURE. The Book dedicated to Lech Zacher, Warsaw: WAiP 2008:333-349

Globality and globalization, ed. M. Marody, DIMENSIONS OF SOCIAL LIFE. Poland at the turn of XX and XXI century, Warsaw: Scholar 2007: 516- 529.

On the causes of failures to reform the Polish economy in the 1980s: Between diagnosis and therapy, eds. I. Krzemiński and J. Raciborski, THE ADJUSTMENT TO THE GREAT CHANGE, Warsaw: IFiS PAN 2007: 111-133.

Maria Hirszowicz - Beyond the “Iron Cage”, ed. A.Sułek, SOCIOLOGY AT WARSAW UNIVERSITY. Fragments of History, Warsaw: IFiS PAN 2007:407-411.

The background of transformation: democracy and economy in globalization process, eds. J.Kleer and A.Kondratowicz, THE INPUT OF TRANSFORMATION TO ECONOMIC THEORY, Warsaw: CeDeWu 2006:47-63.

Globalization and Work. Contextual Analysis of the World of Work, ed. S. Borkowska,, THE FUTURE OF WORK in XXI CENTURY, Warsaw: IPiSS 2004:15-35.

The realization of social justice principles in Poland as an indicator of the return to normalcy, ed. J.Mariański, MORAL CONDITION OF POLISH SOCIETY, Kraków: WAM & PAN 2002:117-139. Luddites, Anti-Luddites, and those having convincing arguments, CREATING THE NEW, Warsaw: WSPiZ im.Leona Kozminskiego 2002:281-302.

Social justice. Equal chances principle in Poland in the 90s, THE CEATION OF ORGANIZATION, Warsaw: WSPiZ im.Leona Kozminskiego 2001:235-256
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