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Obituary, Semmelweis University, Budapest (in Hungarian)

Curriculum Vitae#

Emil Monos, born in 1935, studied medicine at the Medical University Budapest (at present Semmelweis University), Hungary. In addition to his MD degree, he earned PhD and Doctor of Medical Science degrees at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, having developed new physiological techniques and concepts related to adrenal corticoid secretion and blood flow control, arterial biomechanics, and computerized identification of cardiovascular system dynamics. Dr. Monos was a research fellow at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, the Pavlov Institute in Leningrad, SU, and the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. He was an invited visiting professor for two years, than an adjunct professor of physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA, from 1985 up to now.

Emil Monos became full professor at the Semmelweis University in 1983, than director of the Experimental Research Department and 2nd Institute of Physiology in 1990 (at present an active emeritus professor of physiology). He served also as deputy-rector in teaching of the University for 5 years since 1995. At that time, in cooperation with Technical University of Budapest, together with several faculties, he initiated the first education program for Biomedical Engineering in Hungary. Emil Monos hold the leadership of the postgraduate PhD School of Basic Medicine at the Semmelweis University for more than a decade, and have chaired committees at the University, the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education. He is founding member and past-president of the International Society for Pathophysiology (ISP), and former secretary-general than president of the Hungarian Physiological Society. Dr. Monos was the organizing president of 4th ISP World Congress (Budapest, 2002). He lists more than 400 written and 450 oral publications including several university booklets and textbook chapters, headed about 20 PhD theses, and maintains membership with a number of international and national scientific societies including three European academies, as well as with editorial boards of 4 journals. Dr. Monos is the editor-in-chief of Acta Physiologica Hungarica.

His main research interests have been the biomechanical aspects of arterial and venous functions, as well as their local and systemic neuro-hormonal control mechanisms. Recently, his main research focus is directed at the mechanisms in the extremity blood vessels as well as in the systemic circulation supporting orthostatic tolerance of the whole organism.

Emil Monos is married and has two daughters and three grandchildren. His hobby includes studying history of Hungarian physiological research and education.

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