Veljko Milutinovic#

Short laudatio by Mateo Valero#

In Serbia, Veljko Milutinovic helped create a strong program in computer engineering, so that many alumni of the U. of Belgrade have become extremely successful at major PhD programs in EU and US, with strong publication records brought from U. of Belgrade.

Veljko Milutinovic is known as the co-architect/co-designer of the World's first 200MHz microprocessor (done for RCA, sponsored by DARPA, described in about 50 IEEE journal papers) in early 80s, about a decade before commercial efforts on the same speed (200MHz).

Many of his prototype designs (hardware) became successful market products (the HF radio modem, based on 17 microprocessors, I/O processor based on Reflective Memory, etc).

Veljko Milutinovic has published over 20 books with major USA publishers (Wiley, Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill, Kluwer, Springer, IEEE Press, and ACM Press). For 7 of his books, forewords were written by 7 different Nobel Laureates (Wilson, Cooper, Friedman, Perl, deGennes, Simon, and Richardson). He has published over 50 IEEE journals papers.

Veljko Milutinovic was the guest co-editor for two Special Issues of IEEE journals (Proceedings of the IEEE with Per Stenstrom and IEEE Transactions on Computers with Mateo Valero).

He presented over 300 invited talks at major universities in the World (MIT, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Illinois, Purdue, Dartmouth, etc). In two occasions, he received best paper awards at the major Serbian conference in the filed (ETRAN1990 and 2000).

He has consulted a number of World's major high-tech companies (Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Fairchild, Honeywell, RCA, HP, etc). He led Serbian teams on 4 different EU projects from the FP7 series (ProSense, ARTreat, Hipeac, WeGo). His h-index is over 20, and his g-index is over 36 (Google: Publish or Perish). The number of his citations is over 2.000.

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