Veljko Milutinovic#

Veljko Milutinovic
The Milutinovic Family 2020

Veljko Milutinovic, MAE

Dusan, Milan, Goran (sons)
Stevan (grandson)
Simonida (mother)
Dragana (wife)
Jovana, Ivana, Teodora (daughters-in-law)
Vesna, Danica, Andjelija, Una, Tamara, Lena, Tara (granddaughters)
(a baby girl Iskra is on the way)

Veljko Milutinovic
The Veljko Milutinovic Family 2011
(Front, from left to right)
Simonida Milutinovic (mother), M.Sc. in Economics, Belgrade
Veljko Milutinovic
Dragana Milutinovic (wife), PhD in Computer Engineering, Belgrade and Purdue

(Top, from left to right)
Milan Milutinovic (son), M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Belgrade and MIT, Boston
Goran Milutinovic (son), Student of Civil Engineering, Belgrade
Dusan Milutinovic (son), MBA and PhD in Business Administration, Belgrade and Purdue
Jovana Milutinovic (daughter-in-Law), PhD student in Dentistry, Belgrade
Vesna and Danica (grand-daughters)

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