Gero Miesenböck - Selected Publications#

Pimentel, D., Donlea, J.M., Talbot, C.B., Song, S.M., Thurston, A.J.F., and Miesenböck, G. (2016) Operation of a homeostatic sleep switch. Nature 536: 333–337.

DasGupta, S., Ferreira, C.H., and Miesenböck, G. (2014) FoxP influences the speed and accuracy of a perceptual decision in Drosophila. Science 344: 901–904.

Lin, A.C., Bygrave, A.M., de Calignon, A., Lee, T., and Miesenböck, G. (2014) Sparse, decorrelated odor coding in the mushroom body enhances learned odor discrimination. Nat. Neurosci. 17: 559–568.

Donlea, J.M., Pimentel, D., and Miesenböck, G. (2014) Neuronal machinery of sleep homeostasis in Drosophila. Neuron 81: 860–872.

Claridge-Chang, A., Roorda, R.D., Vrontou, E., Sjulson, L., Li, H., Hirsh, J., and Miesenböck, G. (2009) Writing memories with light-addressable reinforcement circuitry. Cell 139: 405–415.

Clyne, J.D., and Miesenböck, G. (2008) Sex-specific control and tuning of the pattern generator for courtship song in Drosophila. Cell 133: 354–363.

Shang, Y., Claridge-Chang, A., Sjulson, L., Pypaert, M., and Miesenböck, G. (2007) Excitatory local circuits and their implications for olfactory processing in the fly antennal lobe. Cell 128: 601–612.

Lima, S.Q., and Miesenböck, G. (2005) Remote control of behavior through genetically targeted photostimulation of neurons. Cell 121: 141–152.

Ng, M., Roorda, R.D., Lima, S.Q., Zemelman, B.V., Morcillo, P., and Miesenböck, G. (2002) Transmission of olfactory information between three populations of neurons in the antennal lobe of the fly. Neuron 36: 463–474

Zemelman, B.V., Lee, G.A., Ng, M., and Miesenböck, G. (2002) Selective photostimulation of genetically chARGed neurons. Neuron 33: 15–22.

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