Hans-Wofgang Micklitz - Publications#


1. Brauchen Konsumenten und Unternehmen eine neue Architektur des Verbraucherrechts? Gut-achten A zum 69. Juristentag, C.H. Beck München, 129 Seiten, 2012
2. With Norbert Reich, Peter Rott and Klaus Tonner, European Consumer Law, Intersentia 2nd edition, 2014, 419 Seiten
3. with Stefan Grundmann, Moritz Renner, Autoren und Herausgeber, Privatrechtstheorie 2 Bän-de, Mohr Siebeck, 2015, 2089 Seiten, (Eigenanteil 209 Seiten-own contribution 209 pages), englische Fassung in Vorbereitung.


4. Münchener Kommentar zum UWG: § 10 UWG: 62 Seiten und der UGP-Richtlinie (519-841) und Werbung, Unlautere Geschäftspraktiken, öffentliche Interessen und Verbraucherschutz (842-885): 466 Seiten, Gesamt 528 Seiten, 2. Auflage 2014

Selected articles

5. The Constitutional Transformation of the Private Law Pillars through the ECJ, in Hugh Col-lins (ed.), European Contract Law and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights forthcoming 2016.

6. A European Advantage in Legal Scholarship? in Rob van Gestel/H.-W. Micklitz/Ed Rubin (eds.), Rethinking Legal Scholarship: A Transatlantic Dialogue, Cambridge Massachusetts, 2016, 262-309, forthcoming.

7. The Legal Subject, the Social Class and Identity Based Rights in a European Perspective in L. Azoulai/S. Barbou des Places/E. Patout (eds.), Ideas of the Person and Personhood in Europe-an Union Law, Hart Publishing, 2016, 285-310.

8. The Consumer: Marketised, Fragmentised, Constitutionalized, in Dorota Leczykiewicz and Stephen Weatherill (eds.), The Images of the Consumer in EU Law, Legislation, Free Move-ment and Competition Law, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2016, 21-41.

245. On the Intellectual History of Freedom of Contract and Regulation, Penn State Journal of Law & International Affairs, 4 (2015) 100-131

9. The Transformation of Enforcement in EU Private Law: Preliminary Considerations, ERPL 2015, 491-524

237. Herd behaviour and third party impact as a legal concept – on tulips, pyramid games and asset backed securities, in St. Grundmann/F. Möslein/K. Riesenhuber (eds.), Contract Governance – Dimensions in Law and Interdisciplinary Research, OUP 2015, 106-146

10. Rethinking the public/private divide, in M. Maduro/K. Tuori/S. Sankari (eds.), Transnational Law: Rethinking European Law and Legal Thinking, Cambridge University Press, 2014, 271-306

11. With R. van Gestel, Why Methods Matter in European Legal Scholarship, European Law Journal 2014, 292-316

12. The (Un)-Systematics of (private) Law as an Element of European Legal Culture, in Gene-vieve Helleringer/Kai Purnhagen (eds.), Towards a European Legal Culture, Mün-chen/Oxford/Baden-Baden, Beck/Hart/Nomos, 2014, 81-115

13. With Guido Comparato, Regulated Autonomy between Market Freedoms and Fundamental Rights in the Case Law of the CJEU, in General Principles of EU Law and European Private Law Edited by Ulf Bernitz Xavier/Groussot/Felix Schulyok, Ashgate 2013, 121-154

14. The European Union Project, Review Article on J. Dickson/P. Eleftheriadis (eds.), The Philo-sophical Foundations of European Union Law, Yearbook of European Law, Oxford, 2013, 538-554

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