Georges Meylan - Selected Publications#

On March 15, 2021, Georges Meylan had published a total of 378 papers, with 12,532 citations, H index = 59 from the ADS, the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System.

2020, MNRAS, 498, 1420, 2020/10, (cited: 391), H0LiCOW – XIII. A 2.4 per cent measurement of H0 from lensed quasars: 5.3σ tension between early- and late-Universe probes, Wong, Kenneth C.; Suyu, Sherry H.; Chen, Geoff C. -F.; Rusu, Cristian E.; Millon, Martin; Sluse, Dominique; Bonvin, Vivien; Fassnacht, Christopher D.; Taubenberger, Stefan; Auger, Matthew W.; Birrer, Simon; Chan, James H. H.; Courbin, Frederic; Hilbert, Stefan; Tihhonova, Olga; Treu, Tommaso; Agnello, Adriano; Ding, Xuheng; Jee, Inh; Komatsu, Eiichiro; Shajib, Anowar J.; Sonnenfeld, A.; Blandford, Roger D.; Koopmans, Léon V. E.; Marshall, Philip J.; Meylan, G.

2019, MNRAS.484.4726B, (cited: 167), H0LiCOW - IX. Cosmographic analysis of the doubly imaged quasar SDSS 1206+4332 and a new measurement of the Hubble constant, Birrer, S.; Treu, T.; Rusu, C. E.; Bonvin, V.; Fassnacht, C. D.; Chan, J. H. H.; Agnello, A.; Shajib, A. J.; Chen, G. C. -F.; Auger, M.; Courbin, F.; Hilbert, S.; Sluse, D.; Suyu, S. H.; Wong, K. C.; Marshall, P.; Lemaux, B. C.; Meylan, G.

2008, A&A, 490, 933, (cited: 96), Microlensing variability in the gravitationally lensed quasar QSO 2237+0305 ≡ the Einstein Cross. II. Energy profile of the accretion disk. Eigenbrod, A.; Courbin, F.; Meylan, G.; Agol, E.; Anguita, T.; Schmidt, R. W.; Wambsganss, J.

2001, AJ, 122, 830, (cited: 168), Mayall II=G1 in M31: Giant Globular Cluster or Core of a Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy? Meylan, G.; Sarajedini, A.; Jablonka, P.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Bridges, T.; Rich, R. M.

1997, A&ARv, 8, 1, (cited: 366), Internal dynamics of globular clusters. Meylan, G.; Heggie, D. C.

1994, AJ, 108, 1292, (cited: 162), The Galactic Globular Cluster System. Djorgovski, S.; Meylan, G.

1993 ASPC, 50, 357, (cited: 521), Velocity Dispersions for Galactic Globular Clusters. Pryor, C.; Meylan, G.

1989, ApJ, 338, 1, (cited: 58), UM 425: A New Gravitational Lens Candidate. Meylan, G.; Djorgovski, S.

1989 A&A, 219, 167, (cited: 116), Globular clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud : NGC 1866, a test for convective overshoot. Chiosi, C.; Bertelli, G.; Meylan, G.; Ortolani, S.

1988 A&A, 203, 297, (cited: 77), Mass segregation and formation of X-ray sources in globular clusters. Verbunt, F.; Meylan, G.

1987 A&A,184,144, (cited: 139), Studies of dynamical properties of globular clusters. III. Anisotropyin omega Centauri. Meylan, G.

1986 A&A,166.122, (cited: 161), Studies of dynamical properties of globular clusters. II. The rotation, velocity dispersion and mass of omega Centauri and 47 Tucanae. Meylan, G.; Mayor, M.

A full up-to-date list of publications can be obtained via the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS).

Georges Meylan has edited numerous conference proceedings and monographies, published by the Astronomical Societies of the Pacific, Gordon & Breach, Taylor & Francis, and Cambridge Scientific Publishers.

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