Bertrand Meyer#

Short laudatio by Yuri Gurevich#

Bertrand Meyer is one of the pioneers of object technology, the approach that has revolutionized software development in the past decades. He is known in particular for the development of milestone concepts, in particular "Design by Contract", for his design of the Eiffel language, and for his widely influential books, in particular "Object-Oriented Software Construction" (over 6700 citations on Google Scholar). He has a unique mix of academic and industrial experiences.

Bertrand Meyer with his development and continuing involvement in Eiffel is one of the dominant figures with a large school of followers in object technology and his concept of "Design by Contract". He has published 10 books including Object-Oriented Software Construction (Jolt Award 1998, over 10 translations, over 300,000 copies sold, over 6700 citations on Google Scholar. (9 of the books are as single author.)

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