• Doctorat ès Sciences (doctorate + habilitation), Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy, 1985
  • Engineer’s degree, École Nat. Sup. Télécommunications, Paris, 1974
  • MS in computer science, Stanford University, California, 1974
  • MA (maîtrise) in Russian language and literature, Sorbonne (Univ. Paris-IV), 1973
  • DEA in computer science, Université Paris VI, 1972
  • Engineer’s degree, École Polytechnique, Paris, 1972

Professional Experience
  • 2001-present, Professor and and head of the Chair of Software Engineering, ETH Zurich, Computer Science Department
  • 2001-present, Chief Architect, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara (California), USA
2011-present, Professor (adjunct) and head of Software Engineering Laboratory, ITMO National Research University, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
  • 2005-2011, President, Informatics Europe (association of European Computer Science departments and research laboratories)
  • 2009-2010, president, IFIP TC2 committee (software)
  • 1989-present, conference series chair, TOOLS conferences (Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems)
  • 2002-2009, Publisher, Journal of Object Technology
  • 2003-2006, Associate chair (2003-2004) then chair (2004-2006) of the Computer Science department, ETH Zurich
  • 1998-2003, Professor (adjunct), Monash University, Australia
  • 1985-2001 President and CEO, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara (California), USA
  • 1985, company founder, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara (California), USA
  • 1983-1986, Visiting Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, Computer Science Department.
  • 1974-1983, Research Engineer, then head of software support division, Electricité de France (French National Power Company), R&D

Some tasks at ETH

Member of computer science department's Ausschuss (executive committee) 2002-2007; member of study reform commission (the committee that prepared the redesign of the computer science curriculum, based on the new Bachelor-Master system, over 2002 and 2003); co-wrote report on systems support group (ISG) in 2002; in charge of CS colloquium in 2002 and again, with Peter Müller, for the Summer semester 2004; representing department at committee for 150-th anniversary of ETH (2003-2005); editor of the department's Web site, 2003-2004; overseeing the Department's library, 2003-2004; associate chair of the department, 2003-2004; chair, 2004-2006; in charge of Industrial Advisory Board, 2005-2007; department representative in "quantum-tera" (then "nano-tera") project, 2006-2007; member of Unterrichtskommission (curriculum committee) since April 2009.

Other positions
  • ECMA and International Standards Organization (ISO), ECMA TC39-TG4 committee, Eiffel, 2002-present.
  • Société des Outils du Logiciel, Paris (1986-1997): President and Chief Technology Officer.
  • Sabbatical stays and extended guest lectures: Univ. of Technology Sydney, Australia, 1992; Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy, 1993; Wuhan University, China, 2004 and 2006; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2007; École Polytechnique, Paris, January-March 2008; Politecnico di Milano and Univ. of Florence,
April 2008; State Univ. of Saint Petersburg, June 2008; Fudan University (Shanghai), December 2008

Legal and other consulting
  • Consultant to corporations in the US, Europe and Japan.
  • Expert in IT-related legal cases in US and Europe, 2004-present, including EU cCourt of Justice court and US International Trade Commission

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