Volker Mehrmann - Selected Publications#

(Citations in Google Scholar, as of 02-08-17 )

T. Betcke, N. J. Higham, V. Mehrmann, C. Schröder, and F.Tisseur. NLEVP: A collection of nonlinear eigenvalue problems.
Journal of the ACM TOMS, 39, 7:1-7:28, 2013. (Cited by 164).

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V. H. Linh and V. Mehrmann. Lyapunov, Bohl and Sacker-Sell Spectral Intervals for Differential-Algebraic Equations.
Journal on Dynamics and Differential Equations, 21, 153-194, 2009. (Cited by 36)

P. Kunkel and V. Mehrmann. Optimal control for unstructured nonlinear differential-algebraic equations of arbitrary index.
Mathematics of Control Signals and Systems, 20, 227-269, 2008. (Cited by 45)

D.S. Mackey, N. Mackey, C. Mehl, and V. Mehrmann. Structured Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems:
Good Vibrations from Good Linearizations. SIAM Journal Matrix Analysis and Applications, 28, 1029-1051, 2006. (Cited by 220)

D.S. Mackey, N. Mackey, C. Mehl, and V. Mehrmann. Vector spaces of linearizations for matrix polynomials.
SIAM Journal Matrix Analysis and Applications , Vol. 28, 971-1004, 2006. (Cited by 249)

P. Kunkel and V. Mehrmann, Differential-Algebraic Equations - Analysis and Numerical Solution.
EMS Publishing House, Zuerich, Switzerland, 2006. (Cited by 787)

V. Mehrmann and H. Voss. Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems: A Challenge for Modern Eigenvalue Methods
Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft f. Angewandte Mathematik and Mechanik. Vol. 27, 121-151, 2005. (Cited by 174)

P. Benner, V. Mehrmann, V. Sima, S. Van Huffel and A. Varga, SLICOT-A Subroutine Library in Systems and Control Theory.
Applied and Computational Control, Signals and Circuits. 1, 499-532, 1999. (Cited by 271).

V. Mehrmann, The autonomous linear quadratic control problem: theory and numerical solution
Lecture notes in control and information sciences, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 1991. (Cited by 575)

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