William Henry Irwin McLean - Publications#

Summary of outputs and impact:

H-factor = 61 (October 2016); total citations 13,643; 267 Peer-reviewed journal articles; 9 Book chapters; 11 Editorials; 5 Electronic publications; 10 Patents.

Top 10 papers:

Palmer CNA, Irvine AD, Terron-Kwiatkowski A, Zhao Y, Liao H, Lee SP, Goudie DR, Sandilands A, Campbell LE, Smith FJD, O’Regan GM, Watson RM, Cecil JE, Bale SJ, Compton JG, DiGiovanna JJ, Fleckman P, Lewis-Jones S, Arseculeratne G, Sergeant A, Munro CS, El Houate B, McElreavey K, Halkjaer LB, Bisgaard H, Mukhopadhyay S and McLean WHI (2006) Common loss-of-function variants of the epidermal barrier protein filaggrin are a major predisposing factor for atopic dermatitis. Nature Genetics 38: 441-446 [Epub ahead of print Mar 19, 2006] (PubMed ID: 16550169); Most cited paper in atopic dermatitis field, currently 1155 citations; Thomsom-Reuters Highly Cited Paper.

Smith FJD, Irvine AD, Terron-Kwiatkowski A, Sandilands A, Campbell LE, Zhao Y, Liao H, Evans AT, Goudie DR, Lewis-Jones S, Arseculeratne G, Munro CS, Sergeant A, O'Regan G, Bale SJ, Compton JG, Digiovanna JJ, Presland RB, Fleckman P, McLean WHI (2006) Loss-of-function mutations in the gene encoding filaggrin cause ichthyosis vulgaris. Nature Genetics 38: 337-342 [Epub ahead of print Jan 29, 2006] (PubMed ID: 16444271); 471 citations; Thomsom-Reuters Highly Cited Paper.

Sandilands A, Terron-Kwiatkowski A, Hull PR, O’Regan GM, Clayton TH, Watson RM, Carrick T, Evans AT, Liao H, Zhao Y, Campbell LE, Schmuth M, Gruber R, Janecke AR, Elias PM, van Steensel MAM, Nagtzaam I, van Geel M, Steijlen PM, Munro CS, Bradley DG, Palmer CNA, Smith FJD, McLean WHI* and Irvine AD* (2007) Comprehensive analysis of the gene encoding filaggrin uncovers prevalent and rare mutations in ichthyosis vulgaris and atopic eczema. Nature Genetics 39: 650-654 [Epub ahead of print Apr 8, 2007] (PubMed ID: 17417636); 300 citations.

Smith FJD, Eady RAJ, McMillan JR, Leigh IM, Rugg EL, Geddes JF, Kelsell DP, Bryant SP, Spurr NK, Kirtschig G, Milana G, de Bono AG, Owaribe K, Wiche G, Pulkkinen L, Uitto J, McLean WHI, Lane EB (1996) Plectin deficiency: Hereditary basis for muscular dystrophy with epidermolysis bullosa. Nature Genetics 13: 450-457 (PubMed ID: 8696340); 289 citations.

Omary MB, Coulombe PA and McLean WHI (2004) Intermediate filament proteins and their associated diseases. New Engl J Med 351: 2087-2100 (PubMed ID: 15537907); 287 citations.

Irvine AD, McLean WHI, Leung DY (2011) Filaggrin mutations associated with skin and allergic diseases. N Engl J Med 365: 1315-1327 (PubMed ID: 21991953); 264 citations; Thomsom-Reuters Highly Cited Paper.

McLean WHI, Pulkkinen L, Smith FJD, Rugg EL, Lane EB, Bullrich F, Burgeson RE, Amano S, Hudson DL, Owaribe K, McGrath JA, McMillan JR, Eady RAJ, Leigh IM, Christiano AM and Uitto J (1996) Loss of plectin causes epidermolysis bullosa with muscular dystrophy: cDNA cloning and genomic organisation. Genes Dev 10: 1724-1735 (PubMed ID: 8698233); 241 citations.

McLean WHI, Rugg EL, Lunny DP, Morley SM, Lane EB, Swensson O, Dopping-Hepenstal PJC, Griffiths WAD, Eady RAJ, Higgins C, Navsaria HA, Leigh IM, Strachan T, Kunkeler L. and Munro CS (1995) Keratin 16 and keratin 17 mutations cause pachyonychia congenita. Nature Genetics 9: 273-278 (PubMed ID: 7539673); 234 citations.

Fallon PG*, Sasaki T, Sandilands A, Campbell LE, Saunders SP, Mangan NE, Callanan JJ, Kawasaki H, Shiohama A, Kubo A, Sundberg J, Presland RB, Fleckman P, Shimizu N, Kudoh J, Irvine AD, Amagai M* and McLean WHI* (2009) A homozygous frameshift mutation in the murine filaggrin gene facilitates enhanced percutaneous allergen priming. Nature Genetics 41: 602-608 [Epub ahead of print Apr 6, 2009] (PubMed ID: 19349982); 200 citations.

Pohler E, Mamai O, Hirst J, Zamiri M, Horn H, Nomura T, Irvine AD, Moran B, Wilson NJ, Smith FJD, Goh CS, Sandilands A, Cole C, Barton GJ, Evans AT, Shimizu H, Akiyama M, Suehiro M, Konohana I, Shboul M, Teissier S, Boussofara L, Denguezli M, Saad A, Gribaa M, Dopping-Hepenstal PJ, McGrath JA, Brown SJ, Goudie DR, Reversade B, Munro CS and McLean WHI (2012) Haploinsufficiency for AAGAB causes clinically heterogeneous forms of punctate palmoplantar keratoderma. Nature Genetics 44: 1272-1276 [Epub ahead of print Oct 14, 2012]] (PubMed ID: 23064416); 25 citations.

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