Chantal Mathieu - Selected Publications#

Ferreira, G., An-Sofie Vanherwegen, A., Eelen, G., Gutiérrez, A., Van Lommel, L., Marchal, K., Verlinden, L., Verstuyf, M., Nogueira, T., Georgiadou, M., Schuit, F., Eizirik, D., Gysemans, C., Carmeliet, P., Overbergh, L., Mathieu, C. (2015). Vitamin D3 Induces Tolerance in Human Dendritic Cells by Activation of Intracellular Metabolic Pathways, Cell Reports, Ahead of print (publ.: Elsevier Inc); (IF most recent: 7.21).

Rondas, D., Crèvecoeur, I., D’Hertog, W., Bomfim Ferreira, G., Staes, A., GARG, A., Eizirik, D., Agostinis, P., Gevaert, K., Overbergh, L., Mathieu, C. (2015). Citrullinated glucose-regulated protein 78 is an autoantigen in type 1 diabetes, Diabetes, 64 (2), 573-586 (publ.: American Diabetes Association); (IF most recent: 8.47).

Robert, S., Gysemans, C., Takiishi, T., Korf, H., Spagnuolo, I., Sebastiani, G., Van Huynegem, K., Steidler, L., Caluwaerts, S., Demetter, P., Wasserfall, C., Atkinson, M., Dotta, F., Rottiers, P., Van Belle, T., Mathieu, C. (2014). Oral delivery of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD)-65 and IL10 by Lactococcus lactis reverses diabetes in recent-onset NOD mice, Diabetes, 63 (8), 2876-2887 (publ.: American Diabetes Association); (citations: 1) (IF most recent: 8.47).

Christensen, D., Gysemans, C., Lundh, M., Dahllöf, M., Noesgaard, D., Schmidt, S., Mandrup, S., Birkbak, N., Workman, C., Piemonti, L., Blaabjerg, L., Monzani, V., Fossati, G., Mascagni, P., Paraskevas, S., Aikin, R., Billestrup, N., Grunnet, L., Dinarello, C., Mathieu, C., Mandrup-Poulsen, T. (2014). Lysine deacetylase inhibition prevents diabetes by chromatin-independent immunoregulation and β-cell protection, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (3), 1055-1059 (publ.: National Academy of Sciences); (citations: 5) (IF most recent: 9.81).

Takiishi, T., Ding, L., Baeke, F., Spagnuolo, I., Sebastiani, G., Laureys, J., Verstuyf, A., Carmeliet, G., Dotta, F., Van Belle, T., Gysemans, C., Mathieu, C. (2014). Dietary supplementation with high doses of regular vitamin D3 safely reduces diabetes incidence in nod mice when given early and long-term, Diabetes, 63 (6), 2026-2036 (publ.: American Diabetes Association); (citations: 2) (IF most recent: 8.47).

Bomfim Ferreira, G., Gysemans, C., Demengeot, J., Monteiro Carvalho Mori Cunha, J., Vanherwegen, A., Overbergh, L., Van Belle, T., Pauwels, F., Verstuyf, A., Korf, H., Mathieu, C. (2014). 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Promotes Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells with Functional Migratory Properties in NOD Mice, Journal of Immunology, 192 (9), 4210-4220 (publ.: American Association of Immunologists); (citations: 6) (IF most recent: 5.36).

Van Belle, T., Gysemans, C., Mathieu, C. (2013). Vitamin D and diabetes: the odd couple, Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, 24 (11), 561-8 (publ.: Elsevier Science Pub. Co.); (citations: 5) (IF publ. year: 8.87) (IF most recent: 8.87).

GARG, A., Dudek, A., Ferreira, G., Verfaillie, T., Vandenabeele, P., Krysko, D., Mathieu, C., Agostinis, P. (2013). ROS-induced autophagy in cancer cells assists in evasion from determinants of immunogenic cell death, Autophagy, 9 (9), 1292-307 (publ.: Landes Bioscience); (citations: 14) (IF publ. year: 11.42) (IF most recent: 11.42).

Takiishi, T., Korf, H., Van Belle, T., Robert, S., Grieco, F., Caluwaerts, S., Galleri, L., Spagnuolo, I., Steidler, L., Van Huynegem, K., Demetter, P., Wasserfall, C., Atkinson, M., Dotta, F., Rottiers, P., Gysemans, C., Mathieu, C. (2012). Reversal of autoimmune diabetes by restoration of antigen-specific tolerance using genetically modified Lactococcus lactis in mice, Journal of Clinical Investigation, 122 (5), 1717-1725 (publ.: American Society for Clinical Investigation); (citations: 26) (IF publ. year: 12.81) (IF most recent: 13.77).

Baeke, F., Van Belle, T., Takiishi, T., Ding, L., Korf, H., Laureys, J., Gysemans, C., Mathieu, C. (2012). Low doses of anti-CD3, ciclosporin A and the vitamin D analogue, TX527, synergise to delay recurrence of autoimmune diabetes in an islet-transplanted NOD mouse model of diabetes, Diabetologia, 55 (10), 2723-2732 (publ.: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg); (citations: 7) (IF publ. year: 6.49) (IF most recent: 6.88).
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