Michela Massimi - Recent Publications#

Massimi. M. (2022) Perspectival Realism, Oxford University Press

1. Massimi, M. (2018) “Why philosophy of science matters to science”, Notes and Records: The Royal Society Journal for the History of Science. doi:10.1098/rsnr.2018.0054 Italian translation in MicroMega, 2019 Almanacco di Filosofia.

2. Massimi, M. (2018) “Four Kinds of Perspectival Truth”, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research XCVI, 342–359 (this has been one of the most cited articles in PPR with 8 citations to date in Thomson Reuters citation index).

3. Massimi, M. (2018) “Points of view. Kant on perspectival knowledge”, Synthese Special Issue on The current relevance of Kant’s method in philosophy, Guest Editor: Gabriele Gava. Online first.

4. Massimi, M. (2018) “Three problems about multiscale modelling in cosmology”, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 64, 26–38.

5. Massimi, M. (2018) “Perspectival modeling”, Philosophy of Science 85, 335-359.

6. Massimi, M. (2017) “What is this thing called ‘scientific knowledge’? Kant on imaginary standpoints and the regulative role of reason”, Kant Yearbook Vol.9/2017, 63-83.

7. Massimi, M. (2017) “Grounds, modality, and nomic necessity in the Critical Kant”, in Massimi, M. and Breitenbach A. (eds.) Kant and the Laws of Nature.

8. Massimi, M. (2016) “Three tales of scientific success”, Philosophy of Science 83, 757-767.

9. Massimi, M. (2014) “Prescribing laws to nature”, Kant-Studien 105 (4), pp. 491-508.

10. Massimi, M. (2014) “Natural kinds and naturalised Kantianism”, Noûs 48, 416-449.

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