Genoveva Marti - Curriculum vitae#

Full CV(info)

Education and Degrees
  • Licenciado con Grado. Universitat de Barcelona. Title of the thesis: Cuantificadores Generalizados en la Semántica de Lenguajes Naturales. Advisor: José Daniel Quesada. September 1981.
  • MA in Philosophy. Stanford University. September 1983.
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy. Stanford University. Title of Dissertation: Substitutivity. Committee: John Etchemendy (Principal Advisor), Jon Barwise, John Perry and Stanley Peters. January 1989

Present Academic Position
  • ICREA Research Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Past Academic Positions
  • Assistant Professor. Department of Philosophy. University of Washington, Seattle. 1987-1991
  • Assistant Professor and Associate Professor. Department of Philosophy. University of California, Riverside, to 2000
  • Lecturer and Reader. Department. of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method. London School of Economics and Political Science, to 2003

Visiting appointments
  • Research Scholar. Universitat de Barcelona (Spain). 1995-1996. On Sabbatical from UC Riverside
  • Visiting Lecturer. Birkbeck College. University of London. 1998-2000. On Leave from UC Riverside

Research areas
  • Philosophy of Language (theory of reference)
  • Philosophy of Logic (modality, logical form)
  • 20th Century Analytic Philosophy (Frege, Carnap, Russell, early Wittgenstein, Strawson and Quine)

Other areas of interest
  • Metaphysical issues connected to modality and essentialism
  • Epistemology (cognitive issues in language and communication; the externalism/internalism debate)
  • Logic (introductory and intermediate)
  • Modal Logic

Catalan (native), Spanish (native), English (fluent), French (reading competence), Latin.
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