Diego Marconi - Selected Publications#

Il mito del linguaggio scientifico. Studio su Wittgenstein. Mursia, Milano 1971

"On the Structure of Lexical Competence". Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 95(1995), Part 2 (January 1995), 131-150

Lexical Competence. MIT Press, Cambridge Mass. 1997 [Italian transl. Laterza, Roma-Bari 1999; Spanish .ransl. Antonio Machado Libros, Madrid 2000]].

Filosofia e scienza cognitiva. Laterza, Roma 2001.

"Two-dimensional semantics and the articulation problem". Synthese 143 (2005), 321-349.

“On the Mind Dependence of Truth". Erkenntnis 65(2006), 301-318.

Per la verità. Einaudi, Torino 2007.

"Being and being called. Paradigm case arguments and natural kind words". Journal of Philosophy 106(2009), pp.113-136.

"Semantic Normativity, Deference and Reference", Dialectica 66(2012), pp.273-87

"The neural substrates of inferential and referential semantic processing". Cortex 49(2013), pp. 2055-2066 (with R.Manenti, E.Catricalà, P. A. Della Rosa, S. Siri, S.F. Cappa).
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