Richard Marais - Biography#

Marais obtained his BSc (First class honours) in Genetics and Microbiology from the University College London (1985). He completed his PhD (1989) with Peter Parker at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research London. He pursued postdoctoral research on the regulation of c-Fos gene transcription with Richard Treisman at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London (1989-1992).

Moving to the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, first as an independent postdoctoral fellow (1992-1998) with Christopher Marshall, Marais focused on cell signalling in melanoma and the role of oncogenic BRAF. He validated mutant BRAF as a therapeutic target in melanoma and established a RAF drug-discovery programme. Marais co-discovered the RAF paradox, a major contribution that led to improved understanding of the mechanism of action of targeted therapies. During his 19 years at the ICR, Marais progressed from Team Leader of the Signal Transduction Team (1998) to Professor of Molecular Oncology (2007) to Deputy Chair of Cell and Molecular Biology (2008), and finally to Division Head of Cancer Biology (2011).

Marais was appointed Director of the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute (2012) where he also leads the successful Molecular Oncology Group. Here, he has investigated the genetics, biology and aetiology of melanomas, making important fundamental discoveries about the genomes of cutaneous, mucosal, acral and uveal melanomas. Marais provided molecular insight into how ultra-violet radiation accelerates melanomagenesis and made critical observations on sunscreen use. Currently, Marais is focusing on implementing personalised treatment strategies for melanoma patients. As Director, Marais has pioneered a single coherent strategy to fight cancer, combining basic, translational and clinical research. He coordinated proposals to create Centres of Excellence in lung and prostate cancer and (from 2014) is Centre Co-Lead CRUK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence and Scientific Co-Director Belfast-Manchester Movember Centre of Excellence.

Marais has amassed 140 publications (with seminal articles in Nature, Cancer Cell, The New England Journal of Medicine and Cell); 40 reviews; and 15 patents. He has obtained funding from the ERC, The Wellcome Trust and CRUK. He is on the Board of Directors for AACR and is the President of EACR.
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