Eleni Mantzourani - Selected Publications#

1) Cherry, J., J. Davis and E. Mantzourani, 1991, Landscape Archaeology as Long-Term History: Northern Keos in the Cycladic Islands (Monumenta Archaeologica 16), Institute of California, Los Angeles.

2) Mantzourani, E. 2001, (second revised edition 2006), The Archaeology of Prehistoric Cyprus, Kardamitsa, Athens (in Greek).

3) Mantzourani, E. 2002, Prehistoric Crete, Topography and Architecture: from Neolithic to Neopalatial Times, Kardamitsa, Athens (in Greek).

4) Mantzourani, E. 2009, The Excavation at the Neolithic Site Kantou Kouphovounos in Cyprus, Part A΄, Volumes 1-2: Stratigraphy and Architecture, Department of Antiquities Cyprus, Nicosia (in Greek).

5) Mantzourani, E. and I. Voskos 2019, The Excavation at the Neolithic Site Kantou Kouphovounos in Cyprus, Part B, Volumes 1-2: Moveable Finds, AURA Supplement 1, Athens.

6) Mantzourani E. and P.P. Betancourt (eds), PHILISTOR, Studies in Honor of Costis Davaras, INSTAP Academic Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2012.

7) Mantzourani E. and Nanno Marinatos (eds), Spyridon Marinatos (1901-1974): His Life and Times, 2014, Kardamitsa, Athens (in Greek).

8) Mantzourani E., G. Vavouranakis and Ch. Kanellopoulos 2005: “The Klimataria-Manares Building Reconsidered”, American Journal of Archaeology, 109, 743-776.

9) Mantzourani E. and G. Vavouranakis 2005: “Achladia and Epano Zakros: A re-examination of the architecture and topography of two possible Minoan villas”, Opuscula Atheniensia, 30, 2005, 99-125.

10) Mantzourani E., Kopanias K. & I. Voskos, 2019: “A great king on Alashia? Archaeological versus textual evidence”. In J. M. Kelder and W. J. I. Waal (eds.), “From LUGAL.GAL to Wanax”, Sidestone Press, Leiden, 95-130.

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