Stephen Mann - Selected Publications#

Joesaar A, Yang S, Bögels B, van der Linden A, Kumar P B V V S, Dalchau N, Phillips A, Mann S and de Greef T F A. Distributed DNA-based Communication in Populations of Synthetic Protocells. Nature Nanotechnology 14, 369-378 (2019).

Gobbo P, Patil A J, Li M and Mann S. Programmed Assembly of Synthetic Protocells into Contractile Prototissues. Nature Materials. 17, 1145-1153 (2018).

Kumar P B V V S, Patil A J and Mann S. Enzyme-powered Motility in Buoyant Organoclay/DNA Protocells. Nature Chemistry 10, 1154-1163 (2018).

Martin N, Douliez J-P, Qiao Y, Booth R, Li M and Mann S. Antagonistic chemical coupling in self-reconfigurable host-guest protocells. Nature Communications 9, 3652 (2018).

Rodríguez-Arco L, Li M and Mann S. Phagocytosis-inspired Behaviour in Synthetic Protocell Communities of Compartmentalized Colloidal Objects. Nature Materials 16, 857-863 (2017).

Qiao Y, Li M, Booth R and Mann S. Predatory Behaviour in Synthetic Protocell Communities. Nature Chemistry 9, 110-119 (2017).

Teulle A, Bosman M, Girard C, Gurunatha K L, Li M, Mann S and Dujardin E. Multimodal Plasmonic Colloidal Networks. Nature Materials 14, 87-94 (2015)

Tang T-Y D, Hak C R C, Thompson A J, Kuimova M K, Williams D S, Perriman A W and Mann S. Fatty Acid Membrane Assembly on Coacervate Micro-droplets as a Step towards a Hybrid Protocell Model. Nature Chemistry 6, 527- 533 (2014).

Brogan A P S, Sharma K P, Perriman A W and Mann S. Solvent-free Biology at 150°C: Enzyme Activity in Liquid Lipase Melts. Nature Commun. 5, 5058 (2014); DOI: 10.1038/ncomms6058 1-8 (2014).

Li M, Harbron R L, Weaver J V M, Binks B P and Mann S. Membrane-gated Permeability in Self-activated Inorganic Protocells. Nature Chemistry, 5, 529-536 (2013).

H-index: 125
Citations: over 60,000; over 2500 per year for 2005-2018.
2019 Listed in top 0.01% of cited scientists; world ranking, No: 521

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