George Malliaras - Selected Publications#

1. M. Berggren and G.G. Malliaras, "How conducting polymer electrodes operate", Science 364, 233 (2019) – 104 citations (google scholar).

2. C.M. Proctor, A. Slézia, A. Kaszas, A. Ghestem, I. del Agua, A.-M. Pappa, C. Bernard, A. Williamson, and G.G. Malliaras, “Electrophoretic drug delivery for seizure control”, Science Advances 4, eaau1291 (2018) – 105 citations.

3. J. Rivnay, S. Inal, B.A. Collins, M. Sessolo, E. Stavrinidou, X. Strakosas, C. Tassone, D.M. Delongchamp, and G.G. Malliaras, “Structural control of mixed ionic and electronic transport in conducting polymers”, Nature Communications 7, 11287 (2016) – 622 citations.

4. J. Rivnay, P. Leleux, M. Ferro, M. Sessolo, A. Williamson, D.A. Koutsouras, D. Khodagholy, M. Ramuz, X. Strakosas, R.M. Owens, C. Benar, J.-M. Badier, C. Bernard, and G.G. Malliaras, “High-performance transistors for bioelectronics through tuning of channel thickness”, Science Advances 1, e1400251 (2015) – 510 citations.

5. P. Gkoupidenis, N. Schaefer, B. Garlan, and G. G. Malliaras, "Neuromorphic Functions in PEDOT:PSS Organic Electrochemical Transistors”, Advanced Materials 27, 7176 (2015) – 394 citations.

6. D. Khodagholy, T. Doublet, P. Quilichini, M. Gurfinkel, P. Leleux, A. Ghestem, E. Ismailova, T. Herve, S. Sanaur, C. Bernard, and G.G. Malliaras, “In vivo recordings of brain activity using organic transistors”, Nature Communications 4, 1575 (2013) – 836 citations.

7. D. Khodagholy, J. Rivnay, M. Sessolo, M. Gurfinkel, P. Leleux, L.H. Jimison, E. Stavrinidou, T. Herve, S. Sanaur, R.M. Owens, and G.G. Malliaras, “High transconductance organic electrochemical transistors”, Nature Communications 4, 2133 (2013) – 655 citations.

8. D. Khodagholy, T. Doublet, M. Gurfinkel, P. Quilichini, E. Ismailova, P. Leleux, T. Herve, S. Sanaur, C. Bernard, and G. G. Malliaras, "Highly Conformable Conducting Polymer Electrodes for In Vivo Recordings”, Advanced Materials 23, H268 (2011) – 371 citations.

9. D.A. Bernards and G.G. Malliaras, “Steady-state and transient behavior of organic electrochemical transistors”, Advanced Functional Materials 17, 3538 (2008) – 652 citations.

10. J.D. Slinker, A.A. Gorodetsky, M.S. Lowry, J. Wang, S. Parker, R. Rohl, S. Bernhard and G.G. Malliaras, “Efficient yellow electroluminescence from a single layer of a cyclometalated iridium complex”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 126, 2763 (2004) – 741 citations.

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