Martin Maiden - Selected Publications#

2018 The Romance Verb. Morphomic Structures and Diachrony. Oxford: Oxford University Press

2017 'New thoughts on an old puzzle. The Italian alternation type dissi, dicesti, feci, facesti.' Revue romane doi: 10.1075/rro.16007.mai

2017. 'Romansh allomorphy (again!)'. In Claire Bowern, Laurence Horn & Raffaella Zanuttini (eds.), On looking into words (and beyond), 189–211. Berlin: Language Science Press

2016 'Italo-Romance metaphony and the Tuscan diphthongs'. Transactions of the Philological Society 114:198-232.

2016 'The Romanian alternating gender in diachrony and synchrony'. Folia Linguistica Historica. DOI 10.1515/flih-2016-0004

2016 (edited with A. Ledgeway) The Oxford Guide to the Romance Languages. Oxford: OUP [Maiden is author of six chapters, on: 'Romanian, Istro-Romanian, Megleno-Romanian, and Aromanian', 'Dalmatian', 'Diphthongization', 'Inflectional' morphology', 'Number', and 'Morphomes']

2016. 'Some lessons from history. Morphomes in diachrony'. In Luís, Ana and Bermúdez-Otero, Ricardo (2016). The Morphome Debate. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 33-63.

2016 'Ambiguity in Romanian word-structure. The structure of plurals in …uri'. Revue roumaine de linguistique 61:3-12.

2014 ‘The plural type cărnuri and the morphological structure of the Romanian feminine noun in diachrony’. In Pană Dindelegan, Gabriela, Zafiu, Rodica, Dragomirescu, Adina, Nicula, Irina, Nicolae, Alexandru and Esher, Louise (eds), Diachronic Variation in Romanian. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 33-54.

2014 ‘Two suppletive adjectives in Megleno-Romanian’, Revue romane 49:32-51.

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