Mikael Rask Madsen - Selected Publications#

1. "The World’s Most Powerful International Court? The Central American Court of Justice and the Quest for De Facto Authority (1907-2020)". American University International Law Review. 2022. 37(3) (co-authored with S. Caserta).

2. "The International Adjudication of Mega-Politics". Law and Contemporary Problems. 2022, 84(4). 1-28 (co-authored with K. Alter).

3. "Denmark: Between the Law-State and the Welfare State". In Langford, Malcolm abd Feeley, Malcolm (editors). The Limits of the Legal Complex: Nordic Lawyers and Political Liberalsm. Oxford University Press. 2021.

4. "Sovereignty, Substance, and Public Support for European Courts’ Human Rights Rulings". American Political Science Review. 2021, 1-20 (first view) (co-authored with J. Mayoral, A Strezhnev and E. Voeten).

5. "The Narrowing of the European Court of Human Rights? Legal Diplomacy, Situational Self-Restraint and the New Vision for the Court". The European Convention of Human Rights Law Review . 2021.

6. "“Unity in Diversity” Reloaded: The European Court of Human Rights’ Turn to Subsidiarity and its Consequences". Journal of Law & Ethics of Human Rights. 2021. 15(1).

7. ‘Two Level Politics and Backlash against International Courts: Evidence from the Politicisation of the European Court of Human Rights’ in The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (4)

8. The Authority of International. Oxford University Press, 2018. Co-edited with KJ Alter & LR Helfer

9. 'Between Universalism and Regional Law and Politics: A Comparative History of the American, European and African Human Rights Systems' in International Journal of’ Constitutional Law, co-authored with A Huneeus

10. ‘Backlash Against International Courts: Explaining the Forms and Patterns of Resistance to International Courts,’ in International Journal of Law in Context, co-authored with P Cebulak and M Wiebusch

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