Fiona Macpherson - Selected Publications#


Winlove, C., Milton, F., Ranson, J., Fulford, J., MacKisack, M., Macpherson, F. and Zeman, A. (online first, 2 January 2018), “The neural correlates of visual imagery: a co-ordinate-based meta-analysis”, Cortex,

Macpherson, F. (2017) ‘The Relationship Between Cognitive Penetration and Predictive Coding’, Consciousness and Cognition, 47: 6-16.

Macpherson, F. and Batty, C. (2016) ‘Redefining Illusion and Hallucination in the Light of New Cases’, Philosophical Issues, 26: 263 - 296.

Macpherson, F. (2015) ‘Structural Features of Experience, the Nature of the Visual and Type Two Blindsight’, Consciousness and Cognition, 32: 104-128.

Macpherson, F. (2015) ‘Cognitive Penetration and Predictive Coding: A Commentary on Lupyan’, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 6(4): 571-584.

Macpherson, F. (2015) ‘Cognitive Penetration and Nonconceptual Content’, in Cognitive Effects on Perception, edited by A. Raftopoulos and J. Zeimbekis, Oxford University Press.

Macpherson, F. (2014) ‘Is Sense Data Theory a Representationalist Theory?‘, Ratio, 27(4): 369-392. Also to be published in J. Stazicker (2015) (ed.) The Structure of Perceptual Experience, Wiley.

Macpherson, F. (2014) ‘The Space of Sensory Modalities’, in Perception and Its Modalities, D. Stokes, S. Biggs and M. Matthen (eds.), Oxford University Press.

Macpherson, F. (2013) ‘Hallucination: An Introduction’, in Hallucination: Philosophy and Psychology, edited by F. Macpherson and D. Platchais, Cambridge MA: MIT Press.

Macpherson, F. (2012) ‘Cognitive Penetration of Colour Experience: Rethinking the Issue in Light of an Indirect Mechanism’, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. 84 (1): 24-62.

Edited Volumes:

Brown, D. and Macpherson, F. (Eds.) (2018 In Press) The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Colour. Series: Routledge handbooks in philosophy. Routledge. ISBN 9780415743037

Macpherson, F. and Dorsch, F. (Eds.) (2018) Perceptual Imagination and Perceptual Memory. Oxford University Press: Oxford. ISBN 9780198717881

Dorsch, F. and Macpherson, F. (Eds.) (2018) Phenomenal Presence. Oxford University Press: Oxford. ISBN 9780199666416
Macpherson, F. (Ed.) (2018) Sensory Substitution and Augmentation. Series: Proceedings of the British Academy series. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Macpherson, F. and Platchias, D. (Eds.) (2013) Hallucination: Philosophy and Psychology. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, USA. ISBN 9780262019200

Hawley, K. and Macpherson, F. (Eds.) (2011) The Admissible Contents of Experience. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 9781444333350

Macpherson, F. (Ed.) (2011) The Senses: Classic and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives. Series: Philosophy of mind. Oxford University Press: Oxford. ISBN 9780195385960

Haddock, A. and Macpherson, F. (Eds.) (2008) Disjunctivism: Perception, Action, Knowledge. Oxford University Press: Oxford. ISBN 9780199231546

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