Attila Mócsai - Selected Publications#

Németh T, Futosi K, Sitaru C, Ruland J and Mócsai A: Neutrophil-specific deletion of the CARD9 gene expression regulator suppresses autoantibody-induced inflammation in vivo.
Nat Commun 2016, 7: 11004. IF: 11.3; Citations: 5

Weber FC, Németh T, Csepregi JZ, Dudeck A, Roers A, Ozsvári B, Oswald E, Puskás LG, Jakob T, Mócsai A* and Martin SF*: Neutrophils are required for both the sensitization and elicitation phase of contact hypersensitivity.
J Exp Med 2015, 212: 15-22. *shared last authors; IF: 13.9; Citations: 30

Kovács M, Németh T, Jakus Z, Sitaru C, Simon E, Futosi K, Botz B, Helyes Z, Lowell CA and Mócsai A: The Src family kinases Hck, Fgr, and Lyn are critical for the generation of the in vivo inflammatory environment without a direct role in leukocyte recruitment.
J Exp Med 2014, 211: 1993-2011. IF: 13.9; Citations: 25

Mócsai A: Diverse novel functions of neutrophils in immunity, inflammation and beyond.
J Exp Med 2013, 210: 1283-1299. IF: 13.9; Citations: 187

Mócsai A, Ruland J and Tybulewicz VLJ: The SYK tyrosine kinase: A crucial player in diverse biological functions.
Nat Rev Immunol 2010, 10: 387-402. IF: 35.2; Citations: 414

Jakus Z, Simon E, Balázs B and Mócsai A: Genetic deficiency of Syk protects mice from autoantibody-induced arthritis.
Arthritis Rheum 2010, 62: 1899-1910. IF: 8.4; Citations: 55

Jakus Z, Simon E, Frommhold D, Sperandio M and Mócsai A: Critical role of phospholipase Cγ2 in integrin and Fc receptor-mediated neutrophil functions and the effector phase of autoimmune arthritis.
J Exp Med 2009, 206: 577-593. IF: 14.5; Citations: 53

Mócsai A, Abram CL, Jakus Z, Hu Y, Lanier LL, Lowell CA: Integrin signaling in neutrophils and macrophages uses adaptors containing immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs.
Nat Immunol 2006, 7: 1326-1333. IF: 27.6; Citations: 215

Mócsai A, Humphrey MB, Van Ziffle JAG, Hu Y, Burghardt A, Spusta SC, Majumdar S, Lanier LL, Lowell CA and Nakamura MC: The immunomodulatory adapter proteins DAP12 and Fc-receptor γ-chain (FcRγ) regulate development of functional osteoclasts through the Syk tyrosine kinase.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2004, 101: 6158-6163. IF: 10.5; Citations: 292

Mócsai A, Zhou M, Meng F, Tybulewicz VL and Lowell CA: Syk is required for integrin signaling in neutrophils.
Immunity 2002, 16: 547-558. IF: 17.5; Citations: 267

Cumulated impact factors: 638
Total number of citations: 4630
Hirsch-index: 31

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