Alberto Luini - Selected Publications#

1. De Matteis MA, Santini G, Kahn RA, Di Tullio G, Luini A. Receptor and protein kinase C-mediated regulation of ARF binding to the Golgi complex. Nature (1993) 364:818-21 IF 38,59
2. Bonfanti L, Mironov AA Jr, Martella O, Fusella A, Baldassarre M, Buccione R, Mironov AA, Luini A. Procollagen traverses the Golgi stack without leaving the lumen of cisternae: evidence for cisternal maturation. Cell (1998) 95:993-1003 IF 31,95
3. Weigert R, Silletta MG, Spanò S, Turacchio G , Cericola C, Colanzi A, Mancini R, Polishchuk EV, Salmona M, Facchiano F, Burger KNJ, Mironov A, Luini A.*, Corda D*. CtBP/Bars induces fission of Golgi membranes by acylating lysophosphatidic acid. Nature (1999) 402:429-433 *corresponding Author IF 38,59
4. Mironov AA, Mironov AA Jr, Beznoussenko GV, Trucco A, Lupetti P, Smith JD, Geerts WJC, Koster AJ, Burger KNJ, Martone ME, Deerinck TJ, Ellisman MH, Luini A. Mechanism of ER-to-Golgi transport: ER-to-Golgi carriers arise through direct en bloc protrusion and multi-stage maturation of specialized ER exit domains. Dev Cell (2003) 5:583-594 IF 12,86
5. Hidalgo Carcedo C, Bonazzi M, Spanò S, Turacchio G, Colanzi A, Luini A.*, Corda D. Golgi fragmentation during mitosis requires the membrane fissioning protein CtBP3/BARS. Science (2004) 305:93-96. *Corresponding Author IF 31,03
6. De Matteis MA, Luini A. Exiting the Golgi complex. Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell Biol (2008) 9: 273-284 IF 37,16
7. Yang JS, Valente C, Polishchuk RS, Layre E, Turacchio G, Leslie CC, Moody DB, Gelb MH, Brown WJ, Corda D, Luini A*, Hsu VW. Progenitor COPI buds can form either Golgi vesicles or tubules. Nat Cell Biol (2011) 13: 996-1003 *corresponding author IF 20,76
8. De Matteis MA, Luini A. Mendelian disorders of membrane trafficking. New Eng J Med (2011) 365: 927-38. IF 51,65
9. Valente C, Turacchio G, Mariggiò S, Pagliuso A, Gaibisso R, Di Tullio G, Santoro M, Formiggini F, Spanò S, Piccini D, Polishchuk RS, Colanzi A, Luini A, Corda D. A 14-3-3γ dimer-based scaffold bridges CtBP1-S/BARS to PI(4)KIIIβ to regulate post-Golgi carrier formation. Nat Cell Biol. 2012 Feb 26;14(4):343-54. IF 20,76
10. Jorge Cancino1,2,*, Anita Capalbo1,2, Antonella Di Campli1, Monica Giannotta3,6, Riccardo Rizzo1,2, Juan E. Jung1,4, Rosaria di Martino1,2, Maria Persico1,4 Petra Heinklein5, Michele Sallese3 and Alberto Luini1, 2,*. Control systems of membrane transport at the interface between the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi. Dev. Cell (2014), in press IF 12,86
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