Maria Lugaro - Selected Publications#

H-index: 45, i10-index: 111, total citations: 9265 (from Google Scholar, as of 20th January 2023).

The independent citations (IC) below were collected from Google Scholar on 7th December 2022.

1. B. Côté, M. Eichler, A. Yagüe López, N. Vassh, M. R. Mumpower, B. Világos, B. Soós, A. Arcones, T. M. Sprouse, R. Surman, M. Pignatari, M. K. Pető, B. Wehmeyer, T. Rauscher, and M. Lugaro (2021) 129I and 247Cm in meteorites constrain the last astrophysical source of solar r-process elements, Science, 371, 945 (18 IC)

2. C. Kobayashi, A. I. Karakas, M. Lugaro (2020) The Origin of Elements from Carbon to Uranium, The Astrophysical Journal, 900, id.179 (252 IC)

3. M. Lugaro, Cseh, B.; Világos, B.; Karakas, A. I.; Ventura, P.; Dell'Agli, F.; Trappitsch, R.; Hampel, M.; D'Orazi, V.; Pereira, C. B.; Tagliente, G.; Szabó, Gy. M.; Pignatari, M.; Battino, U.; Tattersall, A.; Ek, M.; Schönbächler, M.; Hron, J.; Nittler, L. R. (2020) Origin of Large Meteoritic SiC Stardust Grains in Metal-rich AGB Stars, The Astrophysical Journal, 898, id. 96 (13 IC)

4. M. Ek, A. C. Hunt, M. Lugaro, M. Schönbächler (2020) The origin of s-process isotope heterogeneity in the solar protoplanetary disk, Nature Astronomy, 4, 273 (35 IC)

5. M. Lugaro, U. Ott, and A. Kereszturi (2018) Radioactive nuclei from cosmochronology to habitability, Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics, 102, 1 (67 IC)

6. M. Lugaro, A. I. Karakas, M. Pető, and E. Plachy (2018) Do meteoritic stardust SiC grains originated in AGB stars of super-solar metallicity? Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 221, 6 (24 IC)

7. M. Lugaro, A. I. Karakas, C. G. Bruno, M. Aliotta, L. R Nittler et al. (the LUNA collaboration (2017) Origin of meteoritic stardust unveiled by a revised proton-capture rate of 17O, Nature Astronomy, 1,1 (72 IC)

8. I. Karakas and M. Lugaro (2016) Stellar yields from metal-rich asymptotic giant branch models, The Astrophysical Journal, 825, 26 (222 IC)

9. M. Lugaro, A. Heger, D. Osrin, S. Goriely, K. Zuber, A. I. Karakas, B. K Gibson, C. L. Doherty, J. C. Lattanzio, U. Ott (2014) Stellar origin of the 182Hf cosmochronometer and the presolar history of solar system matter, Science 345, 650 (54 IC)

10. M. Lugaro, A. I. Karakas, R. J. Stancliffe, C. Rijs (2012) The s-process in asymptotic giant branch stars of low metallicity and the composition of carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars, The Astrophysical Journal 747, 2 (201 IC)

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