Alexander Lubotsky - Selected Publications#


2008 (ed., with J. Schaeken & J. Wiedenhof) Evidence and counter-evidence: Essays in honour of Frederik Kortlandt. Vol. 1: Balto-Slavic and Indo-European linguistics. Vol. 2: General linguistics. (Studies in Slavic and general linguistics 32.) Amsterdam: Rodopi. 628 + 440 pp.

2002. Atharvaveda-Paippalāda, Kānda Five: Text, translation, commentary. (Harvard Oriental series, Opera Minora, 4.) Cambridge, Mass.: Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University. 236 pp.

1997 (ed.) Sound law and analogy: Papers in honor of Robert S. P. Beekes on the occasion of his 60th birthday. (Leiden studies in Indo-European, 9.) Amsterdam & Atlanta: Rodopi. xiv, 378 pp.

1997. A Rgvedic word concordance. Two vols. (American Oriental Series, 82-83.) New Haven: American Oriental Society. 4:o, xii, 1667 pp.

1988. The system of nominal accentuation in Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European. (Memoirs of the Kern Institute, 4.) Leiden: E.J. Brill. xix, 196 pp.


2012. The Old Persian month name viyax(a)na-, Avestan viiāx(a)na- 'eloquent, bragging' and Ossetic festivals. Pp. 95-106 in: Velizar Sadovski & David Stifter (eds.), Iranistische und indogermanische Beiträge in memoriam Jochem Schindler (1944-1994). (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Sitzungsberichte der phil.-hist. Klasse 836.) Wien.

2012. Dissimilatory loss of i in Sanskrit. Pp. 177-181 in: Roman Sukač & Ondřej Šefčik (eds.), The sound of Indo-European, 2. (Papers on Indo-European phonetics, phonemics and morphophonemics, vol. 41.) München: LINCOM.

2011. The origin of Sanskrit roots of the type sīv- 'to sew', dīv- 'to play dice', with an appendix on Vedic i-perfects. Pp. 105-126 in: Stephanie W. Jamison, H. Craig Melchert & Brent Vine (eds.), Proceedings of the 22nd Annual UCLA Indo-European conference. Bremen: Hempen.

2008. Vedic 'ox' and 'sacrificial cake'. Pp. 351-360 in: Alexander Lubotsky, Jos Schaeken & Jeroen Wiedenhof (eds.), Evidence and counter-evidence: Essays in honour of Frederik Kortlandt, Vol. 1. Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi.

2008. The Indo-Iranian root *stig-. Pp. 305-313 in: L. Kulikov & M. Rusanov (eds.), Indologica: Sbornik statej pamyati T. Ya. Elizarenkovoj, kniga 1. (Orientalia et Classica 20.) Moskva: Rossijskij gosudartvennyj gumanitarnyj universitet.
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